Your Apple TV+ subscription needs this epic soundbar deal

Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar
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It's a truth universally known that TV speakers SUCK. If you're still using them to watch your favorite shows on Apple TV+, then I'm afraid to say you're missing out. This Klipsch soundbar will give you just what you need, with a subwoofer for some added kick.

Upgrade your Apple TV + experience

Klipsch Cinema 400 Soundbar | $329 now $229 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Klipsch Cinema 400 Soundbar | $329 now $229 at Amazon

The upgrade you've always wanted, but at a lower price. There are 400 watts of power available here, so you've plenty of headroom to fill a lounge or home cinema room. The extra subwoofer that comes in the box will really make those explosions BANG too.

Have you ever watched an episode of For All Mankind and wondered why it feels like something is missing? Of course you have; you're only human. It feels like all the sound lacks weight, as if something isn't there that should be. I can tell you what you need to fix it - some better sound equipment.

Usually, I'd say, 'get a surround sound system! It'll sound great, and you'll hear things you could only hear at the cinema!' but the looks I usually get remind me that living rooms are communal places, and having fifteen different speakers dotted about the room is anti-social. Instead, almost everyone should in invest in a soundbar.

This one from Klipsch is perfect. There are 400 Watts of power, so it'll get plenty loud enough for anyone's needs. The conical tweeters will work in tandem with the front-facing mid-range drivers for some fabulous stereo separation in action scenes, while some clever tech inside centers the dialogue. The sub can be hidden behind a sofa, and provide all the lower rumblings and explosion accents you could ever want.

Toss in a new Apple TV 4K, and you'll be off to audio town. Looking for something different? Here are the best speakers for Apple TV 4K.

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