Why I'm getting the HomePod

The HomePod has been talked about for more than half a year. Apple mentioned it back in June of 2017 at the Worldwide Developer Conference. Since then, I've been ogling and gogling pictures of it in anticipation of its release. I've known since it was first unveiled that it would someday grace my living room. It looks good, will hopefully sound great, and works with the digital personal assistant I actually use, Siri. Sorry Alexa, you're fired.

Because sound matters


I'm already impressed with the smart speaker category in general. I love having a device that I can use to listen to music (and share that music throughout the house), but that I can also call for help turning on the lights or setting a timer. That's why I bought an Echo Dot and Echo Show, even though I'm fully outfitted as an Apple household. I just wanted a smart speaker. Unfortunately, the Echo line of speakers has only been as good as a small portable Bluetooth speaker. No knock on them! The prices are low, so one shouldn't expect much.

I, however, love music. I'm a record collector and a musician. I wouldn't really call myself an audiophile because that sounds so pretentious, but I care about what my music sounds like. I hate tinny, high-end, boxed-in speakers and can tell when a device is trying to fake low-end through EQ adjustments.

I have a couple of Core wireless speakers from MassFidelity that have stunning sound quality and really fill a room, but they're not smart. They won't be leaving my house, but I know I'll love them just a little bit less once my HomePod arrives. (Sorry, Core.)

Because Siri


The quality of the speaker isn't so much of an issue, though. I can connect my Echo Dot to almost any powerful speaker I want. The real trouble for my household is the lack of Siri support.

I'm one of those people that has decked out my entire home with Apple products. We watch TV through Apple TV and I have a subscription to Apple Music. We have multiple Macs, an obscene number of iPhone and iPod touch devices, and an iPad in every room. I'm all-in with the Apple ecosystem.

So Alexa on an Echo, or even a Google Home smart speaker, is a compromise in my household. I don't use either company's digital assistants in my daily life, but I didn't have a choice. It's like having a stranger tell you what music to listen to. Sure, you'll get to know each other over time, but its awkward at first and neither of those virtual assistants interact in the ways that I'm used to.

Siri's been with me for more than six years. It knows everything about me, including who my significant other is. It knows how I create task lists and when to set a timed reminder or a location reminder based on how I ask. I'm more comfortable with Siri.

Because I adopt early and often

iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods

iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

Yeah. I'm one of those types. I got the iPad when it first launched because it was a brand new product in Apple's line. I did the same thing with the Apple Watch. I wanted an iPhone 7 Plus because it was the first iPhone to offer Portrait mode. Just a year later, I hold an iPhone X in my hands because it's the first to use Face ID technology.

The HomePod is the first new category of product for Apple in a few years and I'm totally on board. I don't care that I'm a Guinea Pig in Apple's experiment of testing smart speakers. I won't care if they eventually scrap the entire product (which I doubt they'll do). I love trying out new tech gadgets, even when I have to defend my decision to my friends that all question why I would want such a thing (they always eat their words in the end when they buy those same products a year or two later).

Some people prefer to wait until a new product has been perfected before investing. I like to take the journey from the start so I'm more appreciative of the changes that get made along the way.

I didn't even have to think about it

Even though the HomePod is significantly more expensive than any of the Echo smart speakers, including the most expensive of the models, the $230 Echo Show, HomePod makes the most sense in my house because Siri and Apple Music fit my lifestyle the best.

For me, the decision is a no-brainer. I'm already a fan of smart speakers and now that I can use one with Siri and Apple Music, there's no turning back.

What about you? Did you know at first sight that you would get a HomePod? Are you still on the fence? Tell me why you've made your decision in the comments.

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  • My sentiments exactly to a tee. I will be doing the same, grabbing 2 of them out the gate!
  • Ditto. Have been waiting since the first version of Echo for Apple to do a Siri Speaker. The fact that it will have great audio makes it that much better. I’m all in.
  • I'll be getting one when (ever) it gets released over where I live. But I'll just stick to one since I've got Sonos speakers wired up through the house so the HomePod will (probably) only function as a HomeKit hub and a Siri receiver in the living room.
  • You said, “I love trying out new tech gadgets, even when I have to defend my decision to my friends that all question why I would want such a thing (they always eat their words in the end when they buy those same products a year or two later)“ And those are my sentiments exactly! Although I admit to being a teensy bit cautious at initial release. I usually wait for a month or two to read as many first hand user reviews as possible, for two main reasons.
    Sometimes newly released products from any company come with teething problems that I prefer to wait to be sorted before I dive in.
    And secondly because I’m partially disabled, on a pension, and have little “disposable income” so I have taught myself to spend wisely.
    ALL my tech is Apple. I’ve tried other brands only to be disappointed, or frustrated in some way or another.
    So I came back to Apple for everything because in my experience it all just connects and works together with minimal frustration. Due to my various disabilities I spend a lot of time listening to music, watching streamed movies on my Apple TV, and consuming educational information on my iPads and aging 7 year old MacBook.
    I use an Apple Watch to monitor aspects of my ailing health, and am over the moon happy with its many other useful (to me) functions in my daily life. I don’t have a huge social life, so hence I don’t have a lot of close friends..but those I do have always seem to jump onboard with new Apple products after a year or two even though they initially questioned my choices lol
    And most of them never look back.