It's official, Hijack on Apple TV Plus is another certified banger

Edris Elba sitting in an airline seat on Apple TV Plus
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Apple has managed to pump out yet another incredible TV show, with Idris Elba's Hijack landing a Certified Fresh score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes following its debut earlier this week. 

Hijack is a show I was personally really stoked for, but I was left disappointed by a couple of early poor reviews. However, since the show's debut on Wednesday, the show has rocketed to early success thanks to some great reviews, landing it that awesome RT accolade. 

While the score has settled down to a slightly more modest 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, it has an equally impressive audience score of 84%, suggesting by all accounts that you should absolutely be putting Hijack on your watch list. 

If you didn't know, Hijack is a thriller starring Elba, who also produces the show. It's based on the formula that made 24 so successful back in the day, in that it's a real-time show, with 7 hour-long episodes charting the course of a 7-hour flight. 

As the name suggests, it follows a flight from Dubai to London that gets hijacked. Elba stars as a top corporate negotiator Sam Nelson, who has to use the very particular set of skills he has acquired over a very long career to try and save the passengers on board. 

Following Apple's usual release schedule, the first couple of episodes came out on June 28, with episode three due on July 4, and then weekly thereafter. The trailer, cast, and concept were enough to have me fired up for this, but these stunning new ratings have me absolutely sold. The only question now is whether I wait for all of the episodes to come out so I can binge it or jump on the releases now and wait patiently. Knowing my staggering lack of self-control, the answer is probably both. 

The show is live now on Apple TV Plus, which can be found in the Apple One bundle and watched on all of Apple's best iPhones, iPads, Macs, and across the web. 

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  • Just_Me_D
    Yep, the first two episodes are currently available and I found the show to be well worth the time to watch.
  • Bla1ze
    I was wondering how good it was considering all the commercials I have seen for it. I'll have to check it out.
  • FFR
    Just downloaded first two episodes.
  • Annie_M
    It's definitely on my list!
  • Stephen Townsley
    Yep. Just watched. It's good.
  • m3lo_v1x3n
    Good to hear, it’s on my list!