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The next headphones from Beats may be the first to have the Apple branding

New documents filed this week on the Federal Communications Commission website shows that an upcoming headphone from Beats Electronics could be the first to have Apple branding on its packaging since the company acquired Beats earlier this year.

According to 9to5Mac, which found the FCC filing, the new product is a Bluetooth wireless version of the previously released Beats Solo2 headphones. The post doesn't show a release date for the product, but it does show that its packaging will show Apple's world headquarters address. The FCC listing also shows Apple listed as the creator and tester of these headphones.

Apple Branding

It's likely that all future Beats hardware products will have Apple's branding as the company becomes a bigger part of Apple's future plans.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Forget branding. The big question is will they be worth buying? If they are simply Beats with an Apple logo then the answer is no and Apple looks bad bu offering something substandard.
  • The problem is what they currently make is the best selling headset around. What you want is NOT. They aren't going to make what you want. They want to keep making profit. It's not a headphone for you.
  • No Sent from the iMore App
  • This will probably have a lightning port instead of micro USB. There were rumors that Apple was making headphones with lightning ports. So maybe there will be the first since they are bluetooth. Imo in just guessing here. Sent from the iMore App
  • I wonder if they will start including Beats branded earbuds with new phones in the future instead of Apples classic white ones? LOL.
  • "1 Innite Loop" Really??? (The recycling wording is odd, too.) —John
  • Great! I was hoping they'd start doing this. I'd love it if Beats Urbeats came with every new iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • I expect Apple branding on the package, but I wouldn't think they'd slap a big Apple logo on the earpieces.
  • I know, right? Which is in fact ... "branding." The guy that wrote this article apparently has no clue as to what "branding" means or is.
  • Just like they make apple tech better each year, let's hope the same for the headphones.
    We shall call them iBeats.
    - Sent from the iMore App
  • And one of these days they'll integrate Beats audio into the iPhone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Probably Beats Sent from the iMore App
  • Over priced toys, Apple drops Bose, IMO top quality sounded headphones made by a company that knows how to build hifi products. They buy Beats which is just a toy compared to bose headphones. Beats is just a name thrown on hardware made by who knows, over priced junk. When you think of Apple you think of a quality product, I just can not put Apple and Beats together.Apple and Bose is a much better partner. Just my Opinion.
  • Bose headphones are overpriced toys as well. I'm really unhappy with my Quiet Comfort cans, as they are not any better than my $100 Sony noise cancelling unit. If anything, the Sony unit is more comfortable with prolonged use. I love my Bose Wave, so nothing against the company... Sent from the iMore App
  • "Over priced toys?" So are iPhones, and cars and guitars and gaming laptops and a ton of other things.
  • You can get headphones from companies like audio technica that are superior and cost you far less then Beats. Beats is the perfect partner foor Apple. Overpriced products for people who just want to show of and have no clue.
  • As they are today, I can only recommend the Beats Studio headphones. Their other cheaper cans are not worth bothering with as they sound dull and lifeless. I suppose these can be a different animal but I am skeptical. Normally I buy high-end Sennheiser.
  • I think apple should of just completely digested beats and then instead of making more 'beats' headphones (which aren't beats because that company no longer exists) they should of said we brough beats and now we've finally made some good headphones
  • Beats was bought. It's now a subsidiary. It still exists. It wasn't dissolved. Beats haters have a cognitive disconnect. What you call "good headphones" aren't the best selling headphones. What you don't like: Beats, are the best selling headphones. It doesn't make business sense to buy a company built on the built on the goodwill of it's Beats brand, whose only profitable product is it's Beats headphone product and then, to destroy that brand effectively destroying the profit center that makes it a viable company to purchase. That'd make as much sense as Adidas buying the Jordan Jumpman brand and deciding to remove Jordan and Jumpman brand and call it "Stan Smith" or "Tango" or "Samba." Or Converse buying the line and changing the name to "All-Star" and removing Jordan. People buy Jordan's because they say Jordan. Brands have value. They engender loyalty. It's one thing if it the brand has little value like it's old, out of style, or damaged or unknown. No smart company throws away a Brand that has a high current value.
  • I still don't understand this headphones thing. These days you can find fantastic sounding AKG's or even generic Pioneer headphones for under a 100 dollars. And Apple has always prided themselves on their fanatic sounds going back to the 1990 and maybe even before. So why would an audio music pioneer use such horrible sounding and overpriced product? This is what I don't understand. I have two pairs of headphones: The AKG K240 mkII and the old school Sony MDR 7605's and they both cost me around 150 each. The big Beats headphones new are STILL 320 dollars and they sound atrociously. Purely garbage sound compared to the other two so I don't understand why Apple would bundle or offer these headphones for a company that was a big part of the late 80's and early 90's electronica / industrial genre movement. I do understand the purchase of the beats streaming service even though I think streaming services are either coming to an end or are due for a significant change. The entire AppleWatch interface is taken straight out of the Beats musical taste calibration manu aka "the bubbles". Genius move imo but the headphones department and what apple plans to do with it i don't understand unless they're going to change the sound firmware inside them. If that's possible.
  • Why they didn't get rid of Beats and rebrand? Uh, you see Beats are successful brand and I can't even,....... Sent from the iMore App
  • They need to keep the beats name, they can hair stuck a apple some where Sent from the iMore App
  • Same rebranded junk?
  • Exactly Sent from the iMore App
  • Despite what others are saying here, the branding is actually the number one thing that makes the decision for people. Clearly, most people buy beats "because they are beats" and have the beats logo on the side. The same goes for Bose. What I find annoying here is that the article proposes to talk about exactly this, and then doesn't. It doesn't actually tell us anything about the "branding" merely that Apple's name (might) be on the box in the small print. This is totally NOT branding. The branding is the logo, and it is indeed a very important question as to whether Apple will change it. If they drop the logo and replace it with an Apple, then these will no longer be "Beats headphones" and sales can be expected to suffer because of that. They may get *more* sales, because of the Apple branding, they may not. It's a very interesting and crucial decision and we *don't* know which way Apple will go yet. Making this whole article basically hogwash and Sunday filler.
  • Who cares Bose is the product to buy anyway. Sent from the iMore App
  • Have you tried out headphones from audio technica?
  • I will use my refurbished Beats from, because their function is good enough for me.
    Next time i will buy an Bose or Sennheise I am think...