The Nexx Garage smart controller upgrades your garage door for just $70

Add your garage to your smart home ecosystem with the Nexx Garage NXG-100b smart garage door controller (opens in new tab) for $69.99 at Woot. This controller normally sells for around $100 at other retailers like Walmart (opens in new tab). We have seen it drop to around $80 before, but this is a new low. Use your Amazon Prime (opens in new tab) membership to avoid Woot's $5 shipping fee.

The NXG-100b is a simple-to-use, budget-friendly controller that helps you get your garage door connected the way the rest of your home already is. The system is compatible with Amazon Alexa (opens in new tab), Google Assistant (opens in new tab), and IFTTT. Essentially, it creates a bridge by connecting your existing garage door opener to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. You can then use the Nexx mobile app to activate the door or issue voice commands to one of the assistants above. You can authorize access to the garage for guests and others even when you aren't at home, and you'll get a notification when they forget to close the door.

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John Levite

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