Using the release version of Mac OS X 10.6.5 and curious how to re-enable network AirPrint for your iPhone or iPad? Apple seems to have us in limbo as to whether or not this feature will actually work when the final version of iOS 4.2 ships, but if you have the current iOS 4.2 GM software and aren't afraid to get your geek on, you can get it working now. Follow on after the break to find out how...

Developer Steven Troughton Smith broke down the process on his High Caffeine Content blog, and it goes like this:

  • Search the dark places of the interwebs for a pre-release developer build of Mac OS X 10.5.6. (10H542 is known to work).
  • Migrate the following files to your Mac:
    • /usr/libexec/cups/filter/urftopdf
    • /usr/share/cups/mime/apple.convs
    • /usr/share/cups/mime/apple.types
  • Go to Print & Fax in System Preferences and remove and re-add your printer
  • Go to Sharing in System Preferences and enable printer sharing

He adds:

Basically, doing this should add the image/urf mimetype to your shared printer, and a new Bonjour field 'URF'. Once you have those, it should work. Theoretically, there's no reason someone can't write a server application that broadcasts said Bonjour info and prints for you, so you don't have to use files from a prerelease build. I would expect something like that to appear over the next few weeks.

So there you have it, a simple if not easy way to be able to AirPrint from iOS 4.2 GM to shared printer on Mac OS 10.6.5. If you try it out, let us know how it works for you!

[High Caffeine Content]

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