PGA TOUR's Presidents Cup — shot on iPhone 8 Plus

Brad Mangin is shooting for the PGA TOUR and — wait for it — he's shooting with iPhone 8 Plus. PGA TOUR equipped Mangin with Apple's latest iPhone for the Presidents Cup in New Jersey and has used his work to put together a special Portraits of the Presidents Cup gallery.

The PGA TOUR hired Brad Mangin to shoot the Presidents Cup with his new iPhone 8 Plus. Using the 12MP dual cameras on the new iPhone while taking advantage of the intimacy of such a pocketable device, Brad is able to capture stunning professional photos that would be tough with larger, traditional cameras. At the 2017 Presidents Cup, Brad is taking advantage of the new Portrait Lighting feature on iPhone 8 Plus to put a sharp focus on faces around Liberty National. The photos provide a unique look at the PGA TOUR through the eyes of a photographer who has been covering sports for 30 years.

Last year, with Portrait Mode, Apple made it so that you no longer needed big, expensive lenses and cameras to shoot photos with a visually more appealing depth of field. This year, with Portrait Lighting, Apple is beginning to make it so you don't need fancy studio setups either. It's early days still and there's a lot of work left to do but it's also apparent we're now fully in the age of computational photography.

Yesterday, it was a few beta images among friends. Today it's a sporting event with cultural icons. Tomorrow, maybe official portraits?

Apple has separately released a new ad for iPhone 8, highlighting Portrait Lighting. It's fun, full of energy, and shows off the feature to great effect.

When iPhone debuted it was all about the best camera you had with you. Now, increasingly, it's about making that camera the best period. It might still take a while, but the path ahead is now clear.

Rene Ritchie

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