PhotoAlbums+ lets you manage photo albums on iPhone, iPod touch [Jailbreak]

PhotoAlbums+, from the creators of iRealSMS and PwnTunes let's you manage your photos on your own, on your iPhone or iPod touch, without using your computer or iTunes.

Do you take a lot of photos with your iPhone/iPod but hate that you cannot manage them? Frustrated with the Photos app missing options to add and delete albums and move photos between them?Here is the solution: PhotoAlbums+! And this comes with a 100% stock looking UI integration into Photos and Camera app!

PhotoAlbums+ is available now in the Cydia store and is currently priced at $2.99. To me this is worth it to be able to manage my photos on the go rather than having to wait to be connected to my computer.

If you purchase PhotoAlbums+ let us know how it works for you and, if you can think of any interesting new features that you'd like to see added in the future, drop them in comments!

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