Pokémon Go referral program: Referral Codes, rewards, and more

Pokemon Go Referral Hero
Pokemon Go Referral Hero (Image credit: Niantic)

Pokémon Go first launched in 2016, but plenty of people have never tried the hit mobile game or played for a while and then lost interest. If anyone you know falls into those camps, Niantic wants to help you get them playing with you. Following a successful beta test in Australia, Niantic launched a new Pokémon Go referral program on March 30 to help trainers team up and share adventures. Here's everything you need to know to start earning rewards together. If you want to be a really great friend, you can even welcome them with one of the best Pokémon Go accessories.

How do you use the Pokémon Go referral program?

Pokemon Go Referral Screen (Image credit: iMore)

Pokémon Go's referral program builds on the social elements that already exist within the game, which let players share friend codes to exchange gifts, trade Pokémon, and team up in raids. To join the Pokémon Go referral program, you'll need to get your referral code by taping Invite on the game's Friends screen. You can share that code with a new player or anyone who hasn't played Pokémon Go in at least 90 days.

That player will need to input your referral code either when they first sign up for the game or later via their Friends screen. The referred player will receive 100 PokéBalls just for using the code, and you'll get 50 Stardust. You'll both then begin receiving rewards as they reach milestones within the game. That provides a nice incentive for you to help them become better trainers!

What rewards do you earn from the Pokémon Go referral program?

As your friend plays Pokémon Go, you'll both earn rewards when they've completed a variety of tasks requiring them to master various aspects of the game. That means you'll have a strong incentive to help them try features like raid battles, fighting Team GO Rocket, and purifying shadow Pokémon.

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MilestoneReferrer RewardFriend Reward
Catch 50 PokémonDarumaka Encounter1 Super Incubator
Catch 1,000 Pokémon3 Incense3 Raid Pass
Complete 25 Field Research1 Incense3 Premium Battle Pass
Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader50 Mega Charizard Energy50 Mega Charizard Energy
Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket GruntsCharizard EncounterCharizard Encounter
Earn 50 Candies Walking with Buddy30 Rare Candy5 Raid Pass
Evolve 100 Pokémon1 Super IncubatorTBD Encounter
Give Your Buddy 50 TreatsGible Encounter5 Rare Candy
Hatch 3 EggsGalarian Farfetch'd Encounter1 Rare Candy
Hatch 20 EggsDeino EncounterChansey Encounter
Make 2 New Friends10 Pikachu Stickers10 Pikachu Stickers
Make 100 Nice Throws2 Super IncubatorSnorlax Encounter
Purify 20 Shadow Pokémon10 Rare Candy5 Premium Battle Pass
Reach Great Buddy with a PokémonGible Encounter5 Rare Candy
Reach Ultra Buddy with a Pokémon5 Super Incubator3 Super Incubator
Trade 5 Pokémon10 Pidgey Stickers10 Pidgey Stickers
Visit PokéStop 30 days in a RowTBD EncounterTBD Encounter
Win a RaidBagon Encounter1 Raid Pass
Win 3 Raids1 Raid PassLapras Encounter
Win 20 Raids5 Super Incubator3 Super Incubator

Questions about the Pokémon Go referral program?

Do you have any questions about the Pokémon Go referral program or any other aspects of Pokémon Go? Any tips to help new and returning trainers? Let us know in the comments section, and keep checking back for all the latest Pokémon Go news and guides.

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