Pokémon Legends: Arceus EV training — How to farm Grit

Pokemon Legends Arceus Scyther
Pokemon Legends Arceus Scyther (Image credit: iMore)

Almost every mainline Pokémon title has featured some form of Effort Value (or EV) training, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus is no different. However, some new systems introduced with this semi-open-world entry make EV training more effortless than ever before. If you're looking to power up your Pokémon and tackle even the toughest foes the game has to offer, here are the best methods for farming Grit in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

What is Grit?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Grit Gravel

Pokemon Legends Arceus Grit Gravel (Image credit: iMore)

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Grit is a series of consumable items with varying grades that increase the Effort Values of Pokémon. For players unfamiliar with the mechanics of EVs, raising these value levels, determined on a scale from 0 to 10, directly improves a Pokémon's base stats. Allocating Grit towards the HP stat, for example, would permanently raise that Pokémon's total health. In previous Pokémon titles, this was far more convoluted and required a deeper understanding of the specific stat points offered by defeating various Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus streamlines the EV training experience with an assortment of four different Grit items. In order of their range of stat point increases, they are Grit Dust, Grit Gravel, Grit Pebble, and Grit Rock. Trainers can earn these items relatively quickly through natural in-game tasks and allocate them to any Pokémon of their choosing. Here's the breakdown of how these specific items can be applied when EV training your Pokémon.

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Grit ItemsEffective Range
Grit Dust+1 Effort Value from level 0-3
Grit Gravel+1 Effort Value from level 3-6
Grit Pebble+1 Effort Value from level 6-9
Grit Rock+1 Effort Value from level 9

Early on, you'll primarily find Grit Dust, but as you progress further and start unlocking the higher difficulty areas of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, more potent Grit items will begin to become more prevalent. Don't worry too much about farming for Grit or stressing about EV training right away. By the time you've approached the endgame areas and final bosses, you'll have unlocked plenty of ways to earn all levels of Grit items conveniently.

Method 1: Releasing Pokémon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Pastures

Pokemon Legends Arceus Pastures (Image credit: iMore)

The quickest and arguably easiest way to farm Grit in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is by releasing Pokémon at the pastures in Jubilife Village. Much like Pokémon GO, Arceus has an increased emphasis on catching Pokémon, which means you'll likely end up with far more creatures than you need. Thankfully you are rewarded with Grit items for every single Pokémon you choose to release in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

  1. Speak to Marie at the pastures.
  2. Hit X to begin selecting the Pokémon you wish to release.
  3. Press A to choose the specific Pokémon you plan on releasing.
  4. Once you've chosen all the Pokémon you want to release, hit X again to begin the release process.
  5. When the game asks, "Do you wish to release the Pokémon you've selected?" select Yes and hit A to confirm.
  6. Press B to exit this screen.
  7. An NPC named Oscar will then arrive and award you Grit items based on the number and level of these released Pokémon.

Before releasing any Pokémon, it's recommended you double-check their stats, size, and determine whether or not you have a shiny Pokémon. The release process is permanent, so you won't be able to retrieve any of these newly freed Pokémon. The amount and grade of the Grit items received from this process are determined by the number of Pokémon selected, their levels, and whether or not they are Alphas. Releasing higher level Alpha Pokémon should net you better rewards.

Method 2: Catching and battling Pokémon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alphas

Pokemon Legends Arceus Alphas (Image credit: iMore)

Another convenient and organic way to earn grit items in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is simply by catching and battling wild Pokémon. Much like releasing Pokémon, the quantity and grade of the grit items dropped from wild encounters will be determined mainly by the level or status of the Pokémon. In the beginning stages, chances are you won't find much in the way of Grit items, especially when catching low-level creatures like Bidoof and Starly. However, in late games like Coronet Highlands and Alabaster Icelands, you can quickly net Grit items for evolutions and Alpha Pokémon.

The decision to battle versus catch doesn't seem to have a noticeable impact on the potential rewards. If you can craft high-level Poké Balls like Ultra Balls, Jet Balls, or Gigaton Balls, the quicker option is typically to catch them. However, as most Pokémon require being caught as well as being defeated to complete their Poké dex entries, either method is viable and will net you noteworthy progress. And after you've completed a long session of catching Pokémon, you can return to the pastures to release those unwanted monsters.

Method 3: Trading with Zisu

Pokemon Legends Arceus Zisu

Pokemon Legends Arceus Zisu (Image credit: iMore)

As it stands, there's only one sure-fire way to get the exact Grit items you're looking for in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and that's by trading with Zisu at the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village. If you find yourself in an abundance of lower-level Grit items like Grit Dust and Grit Gravel and want to exchange them for something a bit more potent, Zisu will help you turn your excess into success.

  1. Speak to Zisu at the Training Grounds.
  2. Select I want to exchange items and press A.
  3. Select either Grit Gravel, Grit Pebble, or Grit Rock.
  4. Choose to take one exchange at 10 per upgrade or 7 for 70.
  5. Confirm your selection and accept your upgraded Grit item.

Zisu's conversion rate for these Grit items is 10 to 1. With Grit Dust, this likely won't be too dramatic, but when converting Grit Pebbles to Grit Rocks, things become significantly more impactful. Before deciding to trade with Zisu, it's best to ensure you have a substantial supply of Grit items and a plan for which specific items you'll need to upgrade the EVs of your desired Pokémon further.

Method 4: Just play the game

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters (Image credit: iMore)

Thankfully, Pokémon Legends: Arceus eliminates so much of the unnecessary grinding associated with EV training. In addition to all of the above methods for farming Grit items, players will earn even more by simply playing through the game. Completing side quests and even main story missions will frequently reward players with different Grit items. When it comes down to it, the latest Pokémon game essentially gives you Grit items for pretty much everything you do.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a vast departure from the series' roots in many ways, but that's what makes it so special. There's a reason so many players are calling this ambitious spinoff one of the best games on Nintendo Switch. From the way it evolves catching Pokémon to streamlining the training process, Pokémon, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is genuinely a massive step in the right direction for this franchise.

Miles Dompier