Pokémon Unite: How to level up your Pokémon fast

Pokemon Unite Evolution
Pokemon Unite Evolution (Image credit: iMore)

Pokémon Unite is the latest Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, iPhones, and Android phones. It combines the high-energy competitive matches of MOBA games with the world of Pokémon. While the rules of a MOBA and a traditional Pokemon game are totally different, both games share two things: experience points and leveling up. The more experience points you earn, the higher your level grows and the stronger you get. You can even evolve depending on the Pokémon you choose.

It's no surprise that Pokemon Unite has already become one of the best multiplayer games on the Switch, and we're guessing it will do the same on mobile. Players have started looking for the best and fastest ways to level up their Pokémon to get the edge on the competition. Well, we've got some answers for the curious. Here's how to level up your Pokémon fast in Pokémon Unite.

Defeating wild Pokémon

Pokemon Unite Battle

Pokemon Unite Battle (Image credit: iMore)

Scattered around the map, you'll find wild Pokémon wandering around. This is going to be your main source of experience points. Taking these Pokémon out the moment, you see them will you a quick experience boost and sometimes status buffs.

Grab a berry

Pokemon Unite Struggling

Pokemon Unite Struggling (Image credit: iMore)

Whether you're fighting a wild Pokémon or another player, you're bound to take some damage. If you do, you can always run back to your base to slowly regenerate health, but if you have a berry instead, not only will you recover a substantial bit of health, but you'll also earn some experience.

Defeating other players

Pokemon Unite Battle

Pokemon Unite Battle (Image credit: iMore)

Defeating others players in combat is another fast way to level up in Pokemon Unite. While it may not be as simple as just knocking out wild Pokémon, defeating players will open up the enemy base for attack, and allow you to mop up other wild Pokemon without any potential interruptions.

Scoring points

Pokemon Unite Battle

Pokemon Unite Battle (Image credit: iMore)

Pokemon Unite is not just about knocking out other players. It's also about collecting Aeos energy and dunking it into your opponent's base, shattering their defense. You get Aeos energy by defeating Pokémon, and once you've gathered enough, you can dunk it for a nice chunk of experience.

A long journey to the top

These are the best ways to level up fast in Pokémon Unite. While there's no real way to boost your level quickly, defeating wild Pokémon, taking on other players, and scoring points are key to becoming the best Pokémon Unite player like no one ever was, whether that be on iPhone, Android device, or Nintendo Switch.

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