President of Beats by Dre defends the quality of its premium headphones

The president of Beats by Dre, Luke Wood has defended the quality of branded headphones. Opinions have been voiced that the headphones are too heavy on bass, something Wood disagrees with. The Beats brand, while a popular source of headphones for consumers, has had its quality previously questioned with opinions shared that the headphones are not priced accordingly. This didn't halt Apple entering into a deal to purchase Beats Electronics for $3 billion.

"I've certainly heard that as an opinion on the headphone, I disagree," Wood told BBC News. "We didn't go to build a reference headphone, something you build in the studio that is really a technical tool to hear when you are recording." Wood recently hosted a Q&A in London, but avoided questions including whether or not Apple plans to alter ports on company products to be compatible with only Beats by Dre headphones. EU regulators are to make a decision on the Apple acquisition of Beats Electronics by July 30.

Check out the BBC report in full for more quotes and details.

Source: BBC

Rich Edmonds