Quake 3 Arena for iPad

Quake 3 Arena is coming to the iPad by way of Cydia, with integrated touchscreen controls and reportedly far more stable gameplay than the current version for iOS devices. The port comes courtesy of Alexander Pick, forum member at Paduser.com, who has been refining this unique verson so that it's a perfect fit for the iPad. Here are some of the additional features included in the game:

  • Onscreen controls with virtual joystick
  • iTunes Filesharing enabled
  • 1024x768 resolution running at 50-60 FPS
  • Play in online or offline mode
  • Runs just fine on iOS 4.2 for iPad
  • Being a huge fan of Quake 3 Arena (even still to this day), I'm really excited for this release. We'd suggest hitting up the link below in order to grab the high-res texture pack for the best fragging experience. You can also view a quick demo of the test version running on an iPad (Facebook link).

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    So will you be practicing your headshot skills on the iPad after this hits Cydia? Let us know in the comments!

    [Paduser via Gizmodo]

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