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RedLaser [$1.99 - iTunes link ] scans barcodes, identifies the item your scanning, and then presents Google Product Search and Amazon shopping results for that item.

Sound familiar? It should, it was one of the few things we really lusted after when Google demoed the original Android G1 almost a year ago. Go into Barnes & Noble, see a book you like, snap the barcode, and instant price comparison. Boom. You can decide whether you need to buy it immediately or if you prefer to to order it and wait a little.

Both the iPhone 2G and 3G lacked the autofocus and short range macro clarity for that task, and while the iPhone 3GS made up for that in large degree, RedLaser is going the extra mile and enabling barcode scanning without using the autofocus. So, yes, it works fine on all generations of iPhone.

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Doesn't sound like it was easy -- Apple rejected the application's use of the camera 6 times before iPhone 3.1 rolled around and they got the big, green light to start scanning. It will no doubt be appreciated by users.

The features break down as follows:

  • Scans UPC, EAN, and UPC-E
  • You can email a list of products
  • Automatically localized for currency (USD, EUR, GBP) and regionalized Amazon stores (.com/

In our tests, it worked well (though getting our hands to hold the iPhone steady enough was a challenge -- need to cut down coffee intake!). If you try it out, let us know what you think!

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