Quick App: Ringtone Expressions for iPhone

A daily double of ringtone makers today, this one focusing on Ringtone Expressions, from the developers behind iPhoneRingToneMake. (And for those of you with a longer memory, the developers behind GX5, which kept PalmOS looking modern longer than it had a right to).

Ringtone Expressions includes support for creating ringtones faster than ever with Drag and Drop from iTunes or right click to create ringtone, creating ringtones from songs purchased on the iTune store( iTunes plus only), sharing your ringtones to friends on Facebook and Twitter, creating ringtones from YouTube videos, creating ringtones from your computer’s mic.

Support is also included for BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile should you duel wield or otherwise favor portability.

If you try out Ringtone Expressions for iPhone, let us know how it works for you.

Rene Ritchie

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  • Should have mentioned that it's Windows only. Not that it's a big problem, with the ringtone feature in Garageband.
  • Yes, I second that Etnies419. I downloaded it w/o looking and realized that, my fault. Looks like a cool program just wish they thought of us Mac users :(
  • For mac look up Irip (thelittleappfactory.com) they have lots of programs even one that makes ringtones
  • Looks pretty cool and fast but I think mvitones is better b/c you can use videos for the ringtones. I do like this though b/c u can select the portion that u wonna use and it's looks crazy fast.
  • I used iPhone RingtoneMaker, and it worked great. I upgraded to ringtone expressions earlier this month an it surpasses it's predecessor. It allows not only making ringtones from your iTunes tracks, but also from any audio that is streamed. (ie YouTube, Amazon mp3, ANY audio on any site) Ringtone expressions will download the track and allow you to use the 30 second clip you want. One noteable downfall: you can not use protected tracks downloaded from iTunes as ringtones. On ringtonemaker, you could use protected tracks. All in all, though, a great ringtone program. Free trial, so check it out and see if it's for you.
    P.S.Windows only---Mac version rumored to be on the way
  • i'm downloading now, but how much is the full program?
  • well, i cant get it to work. it keeps telling me that the program has stopped working when i try to start it. hmmmmm
  • Ringtone Expressions is best software to create ringtones from the .MP3 music files, It Supports all phones including the iPhone,Palm Pre and my favorite BlackBerry 8300. Download Ringtone Expressions for iPhone from here : http://www.techarena.in/download/software/ringtone-expressions-iphone.htm
  • Can you send ringtones directly to an iphone?