Quick App: Touch Dial Enables Emoji for the iPhone

We included this app in our latest Apps for Less post but since Emoji has started to take off with iPhone owners we figured, what the heck... make sure it gets it's very own post so nobody misses it!

You missed the boat with the Emoji hack from a few weeks back? Well here is yet one other chance to grab those Emoji icons without having to jailbreak. If you updated to firmware 2.2.1 and then decided to try the FrostyPlace you were out of luck. The firmware disabled this neat little trick. This is where Touch Dial Emoji enters and will give you the same 461 Emoji icons available on your iPhone.

In addition to the Emoji icons, Touch Dial Emoji also serves another purpose worth a mention. Users can assign a phone number to the application and it will then dial the assigned number on launch. Nothing too exciting, but we know you're buying this for the icons...

It is currently on sale for $.99 in the app store and is available in this iTunes link right here.

IM Staff

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