Quick App Updates: Tweetie, Loopt, Foursquare, Flickr -- Including iPhone 3.2 Compatibility(!)

Tapped on App Store and what did I see? Updates for Tweetie, Loopt, Foursquare, and Flickr -- and a couple of those say iPhone OS 3.2 (aka iPad) right there in the What's New listing. (Yeah, that doesn't mean 3.2 is coming to the iPhone or these are 1024x768 versions, likely just that they're built using that SDK for maximum blackboxing on the iPad).

Tweetie [$2.99 - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] has just hit version 2.1.1 and brings iPhone OS 3.2 compatibility(!), Foursquare (4sq.com) integration, Vodpod video uploads, Post 'message' parameter to TwitPic, and Instapaper Mobilizer. See our previous Tweetie coverage for more on the app.

Loopt [Free - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] expands the product’s Pulse feature to include tens of thousands of local events, and allows check-in to events, public Tips, and the ability to RSVP to events posted on Facebook. It's also got you covered for SXSW, and adds content from SonicLiving, Zvents and Metromix.

Foursquare [Free - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] brings a whole new look and feel (see below), faster, better checkin, and categories for Places view. Also, it has history for Places, and uses Tweetie-style pull-to-refresh.

Flickr [Free - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] iPhone OS 3.2 support (!)

Rene Ritchie

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  • Grrrrr what happened to the dark themes for tweetie? They were supposed to bring those back.
  • Great list of iPhone or iTouch applications