Qwiki for iPhone review: Turn your iPhone photos into stunning, shareable slideshows in seconds

Qwiki for iPhone's whole purpose is to allow you to turn all your already existing photos into beautiful slideshows in just a matter of seconds. Your slideshows, complete with transitions and music from your own library, can then be shared via your social networks and on Qwiki with a simple tap. If you're looking for an easy way to share memories without any heavy lifting involved, Qwiki is great for traveling, moments with your kids, and anything else you'd want to compile into a single file to share.

Qwiki allows you to create slideshows of your photos in two different ways, auto and manual. The automatic method is where you can allow Qwiki to compile photos on your behalf without you having to choose them manually. It seems as though it will attempt to choose groupings based on date and location. For the most part, it's pretty accurate.

If you'd like to choose your own photos, you are of course allowed to do so. Each slideshow can have a total of 25 photos maximum within them. Once you've chosen your photos you can add captions to them as well as change the transitions you'd like to use.

Probably the coolest part of Qwiki is that it can link in with your music library and let you select your own music instead of using the boring typical music options you find for many slideshow apps. Just tap on the music section and you can scroll through your own library and choose a song. Your friends will then see the title of the track underneath your slideshow and be able to hop right over to iTunes to purchase it if they choose.

When it comes to sharing, Qwiki natively allows you to export to Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, or make it private for sharing later (or not at all). Qwiki has a rather large network which means you may already find some of your friends using it already. Even if they aren't, they can still view the link you send them without having the app themselves and view the slideshows you create.

The good

  • No need for friends to have the app to view your links
  • Using your own music is a great option over stock boring music
  • Nice transitions to choose from
  • Auto-creation works surprisingly well

The bad

  • No way to scrub though Qwiki videos

The bottom line

Qwiki is probably one of the best slideshow creation apps I've used and considering your friends don't have to download the app in order to view them, this makes it an even better overall option. Creation is easy, fun, and quick which means you will probably be more inclined to actually use it to share photos.

If you're looking for something that removes the complicated parts of sharing groups of photos, Qwiki is it.

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