Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller now available at Apple Stores nationwide

The folks at Rachio have announced today that their Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller is now available at Apple Stores nationwide. The smart sprinkler joins other great products on Apple Store shelves and on Apple.com.

The Iro controller allows you to take complete control over your sprinkler system, automatically adjusting for weather conditions and seasonality to save you as much water as possible. Iro's Smart Cycle even keeps water flow to a minimum to prevent run off and waste.

We checked out the system earlier this year and have been extremely impressed so far — be sure to check out our full review here (a followup is on the way soon!).

You can pick up the Rachio Iro at Apple.com now for $249.95.

Rachio Iro Users Save 10.6 Million Gallons This Summer

Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller Now Available at Apple Stores Nationwide

DENVER – September 23, 2014 – Rachio, makers of the Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller, is proud to announce it saved 10,631,109 gallons of water this summer, fulfilling Rachio's commitment to create technology that helps consumers make a difference.

The patent-pending controller acts as the brain of a landscape irrigation system, automatically adjusting to weather conditions and seasonality to use as little water as possible to maintain beautiful lawns and gardens. Iro's Smart-Cycle feature applies water at a rate the local soil type can absorb to further prevent runoff and waste.

With Iro users from Vancouver to Miami Rachio accounted for over 12,534 rain delays this summer and has already made 10,111 seasonal adjustments to account for the approaching cooler Fall temperatures. In total Rachio created more than 5,244 different personalized watering schedules for users across the country from June through August.

Rachio's successful summer was capped off with Iro landing in 250 Apple stores across the country and on Apple.com.

"The 2014 watering season was an absolute success," said Chris Klein CEO and Co-founder of Rachio. "We saved over ten million gallons of water and landed in two of the most well-respected national retail chains in the country – Apple and The Home Depot."

Iro installs quickly and easily. Users begin by unplugging their old controller, detaching the low voltage zone wires and removing it from the wall. They then mount the Iro to the wall, reconnect the wires and plug the smart controller in.

Finally, users are prompted to sync Iro through the Rachio's free smartphone app available for download at Apple's App Store and from Google Play.

For more information on about Rachio please follow the company on Facebook and @_rachio.

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