Rachio unveils second-generation smart sprinkler controller

Rachio, a company that makes a smart sprinkler controller, has announced its second-generation model. The new version is smaller and is supposed to be easier to install, and offers integration with the Alexa assistant on the Amazon Echo, which lets you control the Rachio with only your voice. You can, of course, also control the system from your iPhone using the Rachio app.

Here's what you can expect from the Rachio Generation 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller:

  • Smaller, easier-to-install design. It takes up less space on your wall while allowing more space for wiring in the controller.
  • Easier Wi-Fi setup. Simpler connection process that no longer requires the 'blinkup' protocol.
  • Run zones directly from the controller. Manual access on the box for local control for you or your landscape professional, and LED lights that give a visual indication of what's happening.
  • Additional sensor ports. You can now connect rain and freeze sensors for additional data while we provide a flow sensor connection for future functionality.
  • Easier diagnostics and troubleshooting. Auto-detect wiring will automatically detect when wiring for zones is connected to the controller for better diagnostics and troubleshooting. (Coming soon)
  • New custom outdoor enclosure option. Custom-designed weatherproof enclosure that protects your controller in all weather situations. Hardwire option included.

The second-generation Rachio controller allows control of up to 16 sprinkler zones, and costs $249.99. The custom enclosure is available as a separate purchase for $29.99. Be sure to check out the Android Central review of the first-generation Rachio system. Note that while that review used the Rachio app on an Android phone, it features the same capabilities on the iPhone.

Source: Rachio

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