After a five-year wait, there is a new Radiohead album to dig into.

A Moon Shaped Pool, a collection of 11 songs totalling 53 minutes, including the opening single Burn the Witch, is now available on iTunes and Apple Music, as well as on Radiohead's own e-commerce site.

Radiohead's surprise new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, now available on iTunes and Apple Music

The album, which costs $13 for DRM-free versions of either 320kbit MP3, 16-bit WAV or 24-bit WAV direct from Radiohead, is slightly cheaper, at $10.99, on iTunes. It is also — perhaps unexpectedly, given the band's ongoing criticism of streaming — also available on Apple Music.

For the more hardcore fans, there is an $86.50 Special Edition that, in addition to a digital copy, includes the album on heavy-duty vinyl and CD, as well as a 32-page book of artwork.

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