Rent 3G iPad from PadInTheCity in Madrid

Travelers to Madrid, Spain can now rent a 3G iPad from PadInTheCity during their visit. In addition to the iPad, the rental includes unlimited 3G data, a case and charger, and the iPad is loaded with 29 travel and business related apps.

The rental costs €39 ($55) per day and the process is very simple. Booking and payment takes place on PadInTheCity's website and they will hand deliver the iPad to you when you arrive at your hotel (or at any location you prefer). You will be expected to sign a renter's contract and provide legal identification as well as a credit card that will have a €500 ($708) hold placed on it. At the end of your trip, PadInTheCity will pick-up the iPad and remove the hold on your credit card.

This is a fantastic option for travelers, possibly even for international ones who own a 3G iPad but don't want to pay international rates.

Anyone planning a trip to Madrid and hope to utilize this service? Which city would you like to see iPad rentals in next?

[PadInTheCity via appadvice]

Leanna Lofte

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