The Ring Floodlight Battery is a wireless outdoor light that brightens up the darkest corners of your home perimeter. To make it smart, you need the Ring Bridge so your floodlight can talk to your other devices.

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The Ring battery-powered Floodlight starter kit is on sale for just $50 for Prime Day. At this price, you can get the Ring Bridge thrown in for free. You have to be a Prime subscriber to take advantage of the discount. If you aren't already a Prime subscriber, you can sign up now for a free 30-day trial.

Ring Smart Lighting

Ring's Smart Lighting is some of the newest gear that it has to offer, and it helps add another layer of security to your home with ease. Grab this starter kit for its lowest price to date.

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This model Ring Floodlight is powered by four D batteries and is 600 lumens bright. The light spreads out in a 180-degree cone that can be triggered by motion up to 45 feet away. It can withstand temperatures of -4°F to 122°F and has an IP66 water-resistant rating. It's perfect for the outdoors.

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The brightness of the light can be adjusted, so if you don't need stadium lighting, you can keep it dim. If your front door is a long way from your driveway, turn up them lumens!

The batteries are designed to keep the lights working for an average of one year, though your personal experience will vary, depending on how often the light is triggered. It can be customized to turn off from 30 seconds up to two minutes.

To really get the most out of the Ring Floodlight, you need the Ring Bridge. This is set up inside the house and connects to your local Wi-Fi. When connected with another Ring devices, you can use the Ring Bridge to group lighting, camera, and doorbell activities.

You could, for example, set a grouping that will turn on the Floodlight and trigger your Stick Up Cam when someone presses the Ring Doorbell.

Now, that's what I call automated security.

If you own an Alexa supported device, like an Echo Dot (also on sale this Prime Day), you can set it up with the Ring Bridge to trigger a verbal notification when the Floodlight is triggered or simply ask Alexa to turn on the Floodlight for you.

The Ring Floodlight is normally $70 and the Ring Bridge is normally $50, but until the end of Prime Day, you can get the whole starter kit for just $50. Don't wait or this deal may not be available. A lot of Ring products that have been on sale for Prime Day are no longer in stock (because the deals are so dang good).

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