Beats may have launched the brand new pair of earbuds in the Beats Fit Pro, but earlier this year they launched the excellent Beats Studio Buds, and now they are on sale!

Beats Studio Buds

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The Beats Studio Buds offer a lot of awesome features included in Apple's AirPods Pro, including ANC and Transparency mode. They also feature USB-C charging, a choice of colors, and up to 8 hours of battery life; however, you won't find Spatai Audio support.

One of the most interesting parts of the Beats Studio Pods is the chipset. Beats Studio Buds do not use either the W1 or H1 as we've seen Beats-branded headphones use in the past. Instead, it uses something Beats calls "extremely unique" to provide a seamless, native pairing experience on iOS and Android. That means not only does the Beats Studio Buds make sense for Apple users, but Android love lovers can enjoy these earbuds just as much!

Beats have been known for a slightly bass-heavy sound in the past., and while they do tune the bass a little more powerful, they still sound crisp and clean even at higher volume levels and as good as almost any wireless headset I've ever used. If you're not a fan of how AirPods sounds, it's entirely possible you may like the way the Beats Studio Buds sound better.

They're also super easy to use, thanks to the clicky and physical buttons on each bud. One press, and you'll be pausing and playing your music no problem with the Beats Studio Buds. Plus, it comes with multiple ear tips, meaning you can ensure you get the best fit possible. And, once you do, you shouldn't have any problem with the buds staying you your ears, no matter how much you try to dislodge them.

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