Scopy for iPhone Twitter giveaway!

Scopy for iPhone is an extremely well put together Twitter client with a catch. Scopy only focuses on your Twitter friends' photo streams. It's very similar to services like Instagram but pulls all your friends existing Twitter photos from your stream. You can choose to sort by individual friend as well.

When I want to upload a photo, I can choose my photo service and apply filters as well. Scopy also pulls photos from tons of photo services, so you'll never miss your friend's photos. Hit the jump for a bit more on Scopy and to find out how you can win a complimentary copy!

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Services like Instagram only work as long as you're both using the service and uploading your photos not only to Twitter, but to Instagram as well. This is the reason I like Scopy. It simply searches through your existing Twitter stream and pulls all the images from it. If you're the type of person that likes viewing people's photos on Twitter, you'll love this app. It's extremely well put together.

If I want to view only a certain friend's photos, I can simply find them in my friend's list and view only their photo uploads. The app sometimes doesn't want to load individual photos for some users so I think it may only be pulling photos within a certain time frame.

Want to try a copy of Scopy for yourself? You're in luck! The developer has given TiPb a bunch of promo codes for our readers. How do you win? Follow @TiPb on Twitter and at least one of our writers. Shoot @TiPb and at least one writer an @reply with the tag #Scopy. I've sent promos to give away to quite a few of our writers but make sure to follow all of us to increase your chances of winning! And you never know when when any one of us may have other promo codes to give away on Twitter.

Here's our handles on Twitter, and remember, you have to be following TiPb and the writer with the code to win a code!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.