It's no secret our beloved iPads will not be running Adobe Flash natively anytime soon. That however hasn't stifled the communities desire to at least try it out. Be it good, bad or just downright ugly; @comex has come to the rescue of those with inquiring minds by putting together what he considers and alpha build of Frash. Frash, being a port of the Adobe Flash runtime for Android taken from the latest Froyo builds. It's been a while now since the actual release took place. Given that, I decided since I have a jailbroken iPad I would give it a try and see if Flash on iPad was something so compelling that it would add to the already awesome experience and the following is what I came up with.

Installation And Uninstallation:

The installation process of Frash is quite simple. While it may not exactly be for everyone, if you managed to jailbreak your iPad then you should be quite comfortable in installing Frash. The process is as follows:

  1. You must have a Jailbroken iPad.
  2. You will need to install SSH on your iPad from Cydia and then reboot iPad.
  3. You will need the latest Frash.deb file (Google this folks, we cannot host it)
  4. You'll need to load up something to browse your iPads internal files. CyberDuck for Mac is suggested or WinSCP for Windows users. When logging in, you will need to supply your iPads credentials. In this case login is ‘root’ and password is ‘alpine’.
  5. Open up the iPad’s filesystem and navigate to /var/root/Media
  6. Inside here create a folder named ‘Cydia’, open it and inside it create a folder, ‘AutoInstall’ i.e. /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall
  7. Open the folder ‘AutoInstall’ and copy Frash.deb from step 3 here and reboot the iPad (May need to do it more then once)
  8. Should you decide to uninstall Frash, just search for Frash in Cydia and you will find the uninstaller.

Implementation And Use:

So now what?? If the process has gone as it should have you should now be able to open up mobile Safari and browse to any site which has Flash content be able able to view it. Again, keep in mind all this is alpha. Do expect crashes, do expect certain portions of flash enabled sites to not work. Also, get used to seeing that HUGE red Flash logo on practically every site you go to. The implementation is certainly not where some folks would love it to be but, comex has said he will continue to improve upon frash and eventually also make it available for the iPhone (3GS and iPhone 4). This is great stuff for those who really want to have Flash on their devices.

Closing Thoughts:

For now anyways, Steve Jobs was right in my opinion. We really do not need flash in our iPads. Using Frash in it's current state after a while just simply began to annoy me. Flash ad's, big flash logos all over the place, embedded videos that once worked, no longer did. Some of this stuff comex can surely fix. However, some of it really just isn't worth having in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure many could argue had Steve allowed it we'd likely see a better implementation of Flash but since that's not how things turned out, this is what we have. Once some of the bugs have been worked out in frash, I may return to check it out but for now, I'm of the impression that I'm better off without it.