You can catch a lot of good Prime Day deals on gaming gear including consoles. The Nintendo Switch doesn't usualy go on sale on its own, but there are often special bundles that include the gaming system and a popular game at a discounted price.

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the best-selling gaming consoles of 2020, which has lead to it being out of stock at many online retailers. With this being the case, you're going to want to jump on any deals you see right away or else they will likely be gone in just a few minutes.

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It's happening a little later in the year than we usually expect it, but Prime Day deals are here. Among the gajillions of discounted tech listed on this day of discounts, you'll find Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals including console bundles, controllers, carrying cases, video games, and other accessories.

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Some of the best Nintendo Switch deals happen during Prime Day

The Nintendo Switch rarely ever gets discounted and since it's such a hot item right now we expect any good deals to get bought out in just a few minutes. This means that if you see a decent discount, you're going to want to jump on it right away.

You should also keep an eye out for the best Nintendo Switch accessories going on sale to compliment your new gaming system. Getting the ideal gaming setup can be expensive, so you'll definitely want to get everything you need while it's all on sale.

Look out for Nintendo Switch bundles

During Prime Day, we typically see the Nintendo Switch being sold in a bundle with a popular game or an accessory. I don't think I've ever seen the console go on sale on its own. This being the case, keep an eye out for any Prime Day deals that involve one of the games you don't currently own.

Or if the best deal you find is a bundle with a game you don't like or with a title that's already in your library, you could buy the bundle and then resell the game to get some additional cash. But, if you want to do that, make sure to read the details on the purchase. Some games will come pre-loaded onto the Switch console as a digital game and cannot be resold.

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Nintendo Switch

Grab one of the most popular gaming systems while it is discounted. We rarely ever see the Nintendo Switch go on sale so this is a big deal.

$300 at Amazon

Should you wait until Black Friday?

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite both sell out regularly, and we expect it to be even harder to find on Black Friday or Cyber Monday than it is on Prime Day. If it's in stock, don't hesitate to buy it on Prime Day. You'll be kicking yourself come Black Friday if you miss out on any deal because it's sold out.

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