Sky TV subscribers get a new iPhone app for on the go account management

If you are a subscriber of UK broadcaster Sky, you'll now be able to manage your account while on the move with the company's latest iPhone offering. Called Sky Service, the app enables you to get into account areas, find help for TV, broadband and phones services, as well as easy access to the service status checker. It's a must-have for anyone with a Sky package.

Sky Service is the first stop for managing your Sky account and finding help with your TV, broadband & phone services. And if you can't sort it yourself, we'll route you through to our dedicated support team.

Some other features include bill management, TV PIN configuration, Broadband Shield control and quick help. Sky has a number of iPhone and iPad apps available in the App Store, and in terms of outright design, Sky Service looks to be one of its better ones. If you're a subscriber, hit the App Store link below and be sure to tell us how it works for you.

Rich Edmonds