Skyfire Browser for iPad

After an anxious wait it looks like Skyfire is finally out for the iPad. Just like the iPhone version of Skyfire that released in early November, iPad users can tap into the millions of flash videos available online through a clever conversion process conducted on Skyfire's servers. In addition to the regular flash-enabling features Skyfire brings to the table, the developers have packed in a ton of great social functionality for you to play with.

You can do things like check your Facebook or Twitter news feeds from the bottom toolbar, along with sharing links to a number of social services and others like Read It Later. They've also decided to include a universal 'like' button for users who want to share what they're reading (or watching) with friends on Facebook.

But they didn't stop there. Skyfire for iPad has a 'Fireplace' button along the bottom which lets you quickly get to the links that only your Facebook friends have shared, making it easy to check out what your friends have been looking at online without even leaving the app. Two more small yet significant features are the ability to browse in full-screen, and Skyfire's tab UI which felt very snappy compared to Safari.

You can get a full feature-list and pictures after the break, and don't forget to tell us your likes and dislikes for Skyfire on the iPad in the comments below!

[iTunes -- $4.99]

  • Play millions of Flash videos – everyday, with no limits!
  • All-new ‘Skybar’ toolbar gives one-click access to video and related content
  • Stay in touch: Unique Facebook and Twitter 'Quickview' allows you to see your wall and feeds with one click.
  • Universal ‘Like’: Like ANY page on the internet, with one click.
  • Fireplace: See only the links shared by Friends. Why? Filter what friends did from what friends shared (which is a great starting point for browsing)
  • Popular: See what Friends and the Facebook community have to say about the site you are currently exploring
  • Be informed: Quick access to GReader feeds
  • Be social: Share via Facebook and Twitter
  • Share to more services including GReader, Instapaper, Pinboard and Read It Later
  • Standard browser elements: Tabs, search, sharing, bookmarks, history, etc.
  • Full screen option for maximum use of screen real-estate – with scroll to top
  • ‘Desktop’ option loads pages as on a desktop browser, giving more flexibility in accessing web sites
  • Private Browsing option: Browse with no history and cookies left behind


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