Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2022

Nest Hub on a desktop
Nest Hub on a desktop (Image credit: iMore)

Smart home tech wasn't super mainstream a few short years ago, but it now accounts for some of the most popular consumer gadgets on the market. With convenient app and voice controls through Alexa, HomeKit, and the Google Assistant, you can turn on your light bulbs or shut down a smart plug, anytime and anywhere. Here's our guide to the best smart home gift ideas for the beginner on your list.

Smart gifts

We've picked up a lot of smart home tech over the last couple of years, but without a doubt, the Google Nest Hub is one that's stood out as something special. It's far from the only Google Assistant smart device on the market, but the unique seven-inch display makes voice queries come to life with additional details that you don't get with a speaker.

The Google Nest Hub is there to answer questions, from general knowledge to sports scores. You can stream YouTube videos on-demand, and it offers easy access to smart home controls for smart lights, switches, and thermostats. Tying all of this together is the whimsical design with various colors that match almost any decor.

Alternatively, if you or your giftee is someone that lives and breathes Apple, you might be happier with something like the HomePod. Apple's HomePod is expensive and lacks a display, but what it does offer is incredibly impressive sound. When it comes to smart speakers, this is easily one of the best-sounding you can buy, and with support for Apple Music right out of the box, you can summon millions of songs at will.

Along with that, it also comes with a unique design, Home Theater Mode, Stereo Pairing with other HomePods, and built-in Siri support. The HomePod also acts as a HomeKit hub, enabling remote, out of home controls, and automation for all of your HomeKit devices.

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