Early Black Friday Apple Deals: I test smart lightbulbs for a living, here’s three I’d buy right now

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Smart lights were one of the first things that I equipped my smart home with. Connecting them up to Siri makes turning on various lights around my house super easy, and in some cases, the color-changing variety makes it fun to set a mood for a different living space. Since that first set of smart lights, I’ve tested loads more – so I have a good idea of what to look out for when buying some connected lights.

Where to find the best Smart light deals

Given that Black Friday is getting closer and closer, there are some great deals on smart lights that can save you some money when putting together your smart home. With big names like NanoLeaf and Philips Hue reduced, there are some great options for all budgets and needs.

Black Friday Smart light deals

Philips Hue White and color A21 | $65$57 at Amazon

Philips Hue White and color A21 | $65 $57 at Amazon

Philips Hue are some of the best smart lights out there, and this is the base bulb that sits at the core of the product line. It can change color on command, and works seamlessly with most smart home setups. HomeKit requires an extra hub, however, so bear that in mind. This is a small saving but an appreciated one.

LIFX Color A19 | $30$23 at Amazon

LIFX Color A19 | $30 $23 at Amazon

This LIFX bulb will work out of the box with HomeKit, without the need for any kind of extra hub. It’s a good price too, and this deal only makes it a little cheaper again. It changes color, screws into any screw-fit light fitting, and works seamlessly with your smart home setup.

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart LED Color-Changing Light Bulb | $20$15 at Amazon

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart LED Color-Changing Light Bulb | $20 $15 at Amazon

Nanoleaf is one of my favorite smart light makers, and it makes some of the best around. This is the smart bulb that makes up the base of a nanoleaf lighting setup, and it’s something I’ve got all around my house at this point. This deal makes it a little cheaper, so that you can get more for less.

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