These are three of the best HomeKit light strips we've tried, and they're all reduced before Black Friday

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Sometimes, a simple light bulb isn’t fun enough to make you feel like you’ve actually got the smart home of the future. You want your lights to look like they’ve jumped off the set of Blade Runner, all multicolored strips and flickering neon. While the lights on this list aren’t going to give you the complete Cyberpunk experience (they don’t contain cyberware or look like a replicant), they can bring some of that future cool to whatever space you stick them in.

Where to find the best Smart light deals

Black Friday, now just a week or so away, has already started to lower the prices on loads of different items — including the HomeKit lightstrips on this list. These are some of the best that we have had the opportunity to play with, so you know they’re going to be good. Now you just need to choose the one that suits you and your space…

Save on HomeKit light strips

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 7 Foot Outdoor Light Strip | $129$66 at Amazon

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 7 Foot Outdoor Light Strip | $129 $66 at Amazon

While this one says it’s outdoor, there is nothing stopping you from sticking one to a wall inside your house. It’s weatherproof, cold-proof, and features its own power supply to keep it running and ready for a voice command to Siri. It does need a separate hub so make sure you bear that in mind if you’re going to pick one up, but it’s a great way of getting some very cool lights either inside or outside your house.

LIFX Lightstrip Color Zones | $70$52 at Amazon

LIFX Lightstrip Color Zones | $70 $52 at Amazon

This light strip option is for indoors only and doesn’t feature the cool diffusion like the Hue option above. It is, however, a great deal cheaper and doesn’t require a separate hub for it to work. It sticks onto the wall or whatever you glue it to with no hitches, and at 40 inches long, there’s plenty of light strip to go around. This is a decent saving on the light strip too, and we can’t see it getting much lower.

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart LED Lightstrip 80 inches | $50$35 at Amazon

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart LED Lightstrip 80 inches | $50 $35 at Amazon

This strip light comes from one of our favorite smart lighting makers — Nanoleaf. It sticks to the wall, has loads of color-changing LEDs in it, and goes on for a massive 80 inches. That’s a lot of light strip for the money, and its built-in hub means that it works seamlessly with HomeKit. This is a great price too, saving you loads on one of the best lightstrips you can buy.

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