These new HomeKit outdoor smart lights bring color to your backyard — and they connect over Matter

LIFX outdoor lighting
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It’s all well and good having reams upon reams of colorful lighting on the inside of your house, but what about the outside? LIFX looks to fix the drab, white, or yellow-lit exterior of your home with some very tempting HomeKit-connected smart lights, which bring the color in some very cool ways.

The new outdoor range from LIFX has some wicked new options, and they all come in at some pretty incredible prices — so let’s take a look at the line.

LIFX outdoor smart lights

The first on the list are the LED string lights — they’re kind of like holiday Christmas lights, only you can change their color with your iPhone, or Siri. There’s a 24-foot cable with 12 individual LEDs on it, designed not just for Christmas but all year round. These ones are a bit bigger than your standard string lights, so you might not want to hang them on your Christmas tree immediately in March. Don’t worry, I forgot to take mine down, too. You can grab one for $149.

The second are what LIFX calls ‘Outdoor Neon Flex.’ They’re kind of like the string lights, only the lights aren’t individual units along the cable — instead, they’re diffused along the length of the strip for a smoother light transition. It’s 16 feet long, so there’s plenty to go in the eves of your house or around a table. The flex is available for $169.

There’s an LED spotlight as well so that you can light up your house like you might see a fancy opera house lit up. It’s bright, too, at 1600 Lumens, making sure that whatever you point it at is lit properly. The spotlight costs $60.

Finally, two kinds of smart LED path lights. These lights sit along the side of your garden path, and illuminate it in the dark so that you can always see where you’re going. One in a box here — so you’re going to want to pick a few up to line your walkway. There’s a round and a square option available, and both cost $109.

All the outdoor LIFX lights are available to purchase now from HomeDepot, and they connect to low-voltage outdoor wiring systems to make installing them super simple. LIFX makes some of the best LED smart lighting around, so these should be excellent as well.

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