Wiz announces Home monitoring – But leaves Apple Homekit users in the dark

WiZ security promo material
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Smart light manufacturer WiZ has announced that the new Home Monitoring system that will use your existing smart lights to protect your home from intruders and other ne'er do wells.

If you're an Amazon Alexa or Google Home user, it could be an interesting way of keeping yourself and your property safe.

For Apple users, however, not so much.

All about the lights

Centered around the new WiZ indoor camera, the new security feature, powered by 'SpaceSense motion detection technology', can detect movement and then create lighting scenes based on what's happening around your house. That could be a deterrent to alert a potential burglar, such as flashing lights, or using these to make it look like there's someone staying in when you're not at home.

It's all going to be accessible from the WiZ home app, so there will be no new software to download, and it will work with all the existing WiZ lights so you won't have to upgrade. All you'll need to do is buy a WiZ indoor camera. From the app, you'll be able to create what WiZ calls 'routines', so that you can keep your house safe.

As said before, this is going to be great for Google Home or Amazon Alexa users, as the new standard fits perfectly with the two standards. Unfortunately for Apple HomeKit users though, there will be no such luck as there is no support for HomeKit or Apple's Home app.

After reaching out to WiZ, we've been told that because Matter is yet to receive support for cameras the WiZ home monitoring format will not be available with the standard. Once cameras are added to Matter, WiZ hopes to add support.

Until then, the WiZ indoor camera will be available from the second half of May and will cost $69 / £79 / €89.

Tammy Rogers
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