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How much time do you spend staring at a clock on an average day? If you add it all up, it's probably only a couple mins every day, but that adds up to a long time over your entire lifespan. Clocks can be practical and stylish, or just plain boring. For all the time you spend looking at a clock, don't you think you deserve a clock that can do a little more for you?

15% off the world's smartest clock!

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You need more than just a clock, you need an intelligent display that can not only tell you the time but loads of other useful information in an instant; iMore Digital Offers has the perfect gadget for you!

LaMetric Time is the world's smartest clock!. Not only can LaMetric Time accurately display the correct time of day, this Wi-Fi enabled smart clock can show you the forecast, turn off your lights, and even walk you up with your favorite music.

Just look at all the neat features the LaMetric Time can offer you!

  • Always-on WiFi-enabled display for smart home or office.
  • Integrate with a wide variety of apps through the App Store or program LaMetric Time yourself.
  • Dimensions designed to fit any shelf, bedside table, or desk.
  • Plays internet radio through a Bluetooth speaker and wakes you up with music.
  • The setup process is easy via iOS or Android app.
  • Comes with US, UK, & EU interchangeable plugs for use anywhere you travel!

Normally, LaMetric Time would cost you $199.99, but right now through iMore Digital Offers, you can pick up a LaMetric Time for only $169!

There's no reason to put up with boring old clocks that can't display any information but the time. Get the LaMetric Time today!

15% off the world's smartest clock!

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