Blurry Cam Alert! Is This a Sneak Peek at Google Latitude for the iPhone?

Google recently announced their Latitude service, which lets you and your friends share your location, and while they've made it available to some platforms, the iPhone version hasn't surfaced yet... Or has it?

A tipster has sent us a photo of what looks to be Latitude integrated into the iPhone Map App. Now, we know that Apple, not Google created the Map app. Based on Google's back-end data, to be sure, but Apple made the interface. So, if Latitude is coming by way of Maps, Apple is going to have to be the one who releases it -- and that means it won't be until another firmware update (2.3 at the earliest, 3.0 at the outside).

However, last we heard Google was going to release it themselves, as part of their awesome (yet controversial) Google Mobile App. If that's the case, unless they're planning a massive redesign that happens to look just like the Maps app, then we're not sure what we're really looking at up there.

What do you think? Real? Real fake?

And either way, would Latitude be better combined with Maps than with Google Mobile?

Rene Ritchie

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