macOS 11 Big Sur About BoxSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple today announced macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • The announcement comes as Apple confirmed a transition away from Intel chips.
  • It also sees the death of macOS 10 after 19 years of service.

Apple's announcement of macOS Big Sur is notable for plenty of reasons, not least the fact that it heralds the beginning of a switch from Intel Macs to those running on Apple's own silicon. Just as symbolic is the move to a new number - macOS 11 replaces last year's macCOS 10.15 and sees the end of macOS 10.x.

Apple first transitioned to macOS 10, or Mac OSX 10 as it was known, with Cheetah way back in 2001. It's served the Mac well, but the move away from Intel was enough to push Apple's macOS updates to 11. As I'm sure Apple SVP Crag Federighi would have loved to get into his announcement script!

You can watch the announcement event, along with everything Federighi did have to say, below.