SONOS working to add Apple Music support by end of year

Zane Low
Zane Low (Image credit: Apple)

Fiede Schillmoeller, global communications at SONOS, has added to the weekend Apple Music tweet storm with an affirmation that SONOS is indeed working to bring Apple's new service to his company's speakers, hopefully by the end of the year.

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This follows a tweet reply earlier in the week from Ian Rogers, former CEO of Beats and now senior director of Apple Music, that said SONOS support wouldn't be available at launch, but would be coming ASAP.

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Neither provides any specific information about why support wouldn't be available at launch, or any timeline beyond "end of the year" and "ASAP". That leaves up to five months for it to happen.

Hopefully SONOS is using all that extra time to figure out AirPlay support as well?

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