Sound good and look even cooler with this Prime Day musical sunglasses deal

Souncore Glasses
Souncore Glasses (Image credit: Anker)

There are some products that seem to try and fix a problem that never existed, and there are some that go to fix a problem that no one knew they had. Thankfully, the Anker Soundcore Frames fit very neatly into the latter camp, letting you listen to your music through a cool pair of sunglasses. Over Prime Day you'll save $60 on a pair at Amazon — savings have never sounded this good.

Prime Day only lasts for 48 hours, so if you're after a pair of Soundcore Frames then you won't have long to get some. And don't forget to grab a Prime subscription while you're at it — these deals are only available to Prime members!

Musical Sunglasses anyone?

The idea of your glasses playing music may be a weird one, but it actually makes a lot of sense. They'll fit under a helmet, for one thing, giving cyclists and motorcycle riders both a pair of sunglasses and some tunes while they ride. They're also really good for safety, or if you want to listen to music but want to hear the outside world.

The speakers sit just above your ears, rather than inside like a pair of regular headphones, so they don't play the music directly to you, but rather around you. This lets all the noise of the outside in, which if you're looking for the best sound quality this isn't going to help, but if you're looking for something you can wear whilst mowing the lawn, they could be perfect.

They don't sound brilliant, but they don't sound awful either. They fit a niche that they created for themselves and it's a niche that just might fit you.

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