Having played Spider on the iPhone, I was really excited to see what Spider: Bryce Manor HD had to offer for the iPad. As with most iPhone to iPad games, the experience is much better having the increased screen real estate. Let's take a look at the game.


div>The premise in Spider is that you play a spider in the forest who makes its way into the Bryce Manor. Because of this, you have a wide variety of locales from the outside forest, closets, bathrooms, cellars, attics and more. The point of every level is to unlock an exit portal after defeating a certain amount of enemies.

Movement is accomplished by tapping and holding the direction on the screen you wish to walk. You can leap great distances by swiping your finger in the direction you want to go. You can spin webs by tapping the spider, then swiping the direction you want; that will spin a section of a silk web. You need to interlace at least three pieces of silk to make a web.

How do you defeat your enemies? Well, you have a couple of different ways. Your enemies consist of several different types of annoying bugs. Some are simple to capture, others can be very frustrating (such as the mosquito that dodges your every move). You capture insects by spinning silk. You have a silk meter in the bottom left. When you launch to make a web, you use one piece of silk. Silk is replenished x2 when you capture and consume your prey. So, it may take 3 pieces of silk to make a web, but if  you only capture one insect, you are down one piece of silk. The goal is to capture as many insects in a web as possible to rack up silk and points. If you run out of silk, you have just a little bit of time before it's game-over; you will need to consume prey before the timer runs out!

Insects can be killed differently depending on the enemy, for example, wasps can't be captured in a web, you have to leap at them and crush them against a surface. Moths can be tricked to swarm together by triggering a light and dragon flies and be knocked dizzy and pushed into a web for consumption.

Spider HD has 38 levels to keep you busy and many levels have "secrets" to unlock. There is also a fun multiplayer mode and once you beat the game you have additional game modes to play such as a time attack mode and more.

I really enjoyed Spider HD and with the iPad's larger screen, it is even more fun to play. This is one of those must-buys on iPad if you like this style of game.

[$4.99- iTunes Link]


  • Unique game
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Lots of levels
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Sometimes I find the leaping precision to be off, but it could be me
  • Some levels are really short

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