Stop buying Bluetooth headphones on Prime Day — They're never going to sound as good as these wired options

Headphones Round Up Prod Shot Senn
Headphones Round Up Prod Shot Senn (Image credit: Sennheiser)

Bluetooth is very useful for many different things. It makes wireless headphones possible for one, and with tech like AptX and new audio codecs from the likes of Sony and Apple, it means they sound pretty good too. There is, for some of us, just one glaring issue — no matter how good your Bluetooth connection is or the technology that's been pumped into it, it's never going to sound as good as a decent pair of wired headphones with a physical connection to the audio source. Thankfully, Prime Day has given you the perfect opportunity to ditch Bluetooth and all its extra audio processing and find great deals on some of the best wired headphones and earphones.

Remember, Prime Day will only last until midnight tonight so if you're looking for a deal, whether that's any of the best Prime Day Apple Deals or the best Prime Day MacBook Deals, then you're going to want to go fast so that you don't miss out. You'll also need a Prime Membership for the Prime Day deals, so make sure you're signed up before you go deal hunting!

Wired in-ear monitors can be really cheap and really good

In-ear monitors are a great option for both listening to music and using them on stage if you're a musician. While their innards may be a little smaller than some of the over-head headphones out there, they can still pack a punch —remember that they're directly in your ear, so they don't have to work as hard to get the sound into those earbones. There are some fantastic options for in-ears this Prime Day, including the above KBear earphones.

These little guys are small, cheap, and, more importantly, sound great. They've even got removable cables so if the old cable breaks, you can pop a new one in. A $15 saving may not sound like much in the grand scheme of all the other Prime Day deals, but that makes these tiny powerhouses half price. My KBears have done me proud for a long time now and I can't see myself stepping away from them anytime soon.

Open-back over-ears sound like you're in the recording studio

Open-Back headphones are great for a number of reasons — one of the biggest being their wider soundstage. Soundstage is how we audio weirdos like to describe how "wide" the music sounds. Where each instrument is coming from and how loud it is in relation to the rest of the music. Open-backs lack bass because they're open, meaning there's nothing to keep those lower notes within the earcups, and can thus sound a little lighter on the low end. But that wide-open soundstage makes you feel like the sound is surrounding you.

My pick of the above crop is the Sennheiser HD599 SE. They're light and comfortable, and their signature sound is more musical than the more expensive HD600s. If you go for any of these options, you're going to have a good time listening to your favorite tunes.

Wired always sounds better

The most important thing about great sound quality is that there should be as little as possible between your headphones and the sound source. No audio processing, no EQ programs, no apps that lower or raise bass. Nothing. Bluetooth is one of those things that can get in the way of good sound, as it can only carry a certain quality of music track. While Bluetooth has gotten better over the last couple of years at handling high-res audio, it's still not quite there. A wire will carry the highest res audio tracks straight into your headphones, so the signal that they're providing is the best it can be.

It's why so many of us, myself included, mourn the loss of the headphone jack on so many of our devices. I used to be able to get top-quality sound from my best iPhone but now, I either have to grab a dongle or stick with a wireless set of cans. When I'm out and about that's less of a worry but when I listen to music for fun, I'd rather ditch Bluetooth. Wired sounds better anyway.

If you're after more audio, I regret to direct you to our AirPods Prime Day Deals hub where you'll find some great deals on... shudder ...some Bluetooth headphones.

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