Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to defeat all enemies in Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Enemoes
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To make it through Super Mario 3D All-Stars, you're going to have to go up against several of Bowser's underlings. To help you out, we've collected information for all of the enemies found in Super Mario Galaxy, including how to defeat them. This article only addresses common enemies and not big baddies. If you want help taking on Bowser and his cohorts, check out our Super Mario Galaxy boss guide.

Without further ado, here are all common enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and how to defeat them.

All enemies in Super Mario Galaxy

Enemies are listed in alphabetical order and include a description.

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NameDescriptionCan they be defeated?
AmpElectrical enemies that injur Mario if he touches them.No, dodge around them and continue on without getting electricuted.
Ball Beamer (Bolt type)A mechanical enemy that shoots shockwaves.Yes, Mario can do a spin attack and unscrew them.
Ball Beamer (Nut type)A mechanical enemy that shoots shockwaves.No, dodge around its shockwaves and continue on.
Banzai BillExtra large missiles that are shot from cannons. They do not home in on Mario's position in this game.A mechanical enemy that shoots shockwaves. | No, though they can be defeated in other Mario games, they cannot be defeated in this one.
BatBats with piggy noses and glowing eyes.Yes, spin attack or jump on them.
Big AmpLarge faceless versions of regular Amps.No, dodge around them and continue on without getting electricuted.
Big GoombaA large version of regular Goombas.Yes, jump on its head to defeat them.
Big PokeyA larger version of the cactus creature.Yes, throw a coconut at its lower segments and then jump on its head.
BlooperSquid-like creatures found underwater.Yes, do a spin attack or throw a Koopa Shell at it.
Bob-ombWind-up bombs with feet who persue Mario and then blow up if he gets close.Yes, spin when you get close to pick it up and then throw it.
Bomb BooAn explosive version of regular Boos.Yes, spin when they get near to swing them around by their tongues. Then throw them.
BompA cube of stone the will try to push Mario off of a ledge.No, time your movements correctly to avoid getting shoved.
BooA spherical ghost with a large tongue that will turn invisible if Mario looks at it.Yes, you can spin to temporarily stun it or knock it into a beam of light. Green shells and Captain Toad's helmet can also be used to defeat them.
Bullet BillHoming missiles that will chase after Mario and try to hit him.Yes, trick them into running into a wall but jumping out of the way at the last minute.
Chain ChompA ball on a chain that barks and snaps like a dog.Yes, but you must use a Rainbow Star, a Bob-omb, or a green bulb.
Cheep CheepOrange fish that swim around in water.Yes, perform a spin attack or jump on them.
ClampyGiant clams that rest on the bottom of the ocean.No, swim carefuly into its mouth at the right time collect any treasures held within.
CluckboomA chicken-like creature that lays explosive eggs.Yes, shoot them with a Star Bit and then hit them.
CrabberA crustacean with one large claw.Yes, get behind it and attack its rear.
Dry BonesUndead Koopa skelletons that revive after being jumped on.Yes, you must use a Rainbow Star, lure a Bullet Bill at them, or make them sink in quicksand.
FlipbugOrange beetles that hate bees.Yes, approach as Mario and it will fall on its back. Simply jump on it. However, if you are Bee Mario, you will want to run away.
Gold ChompA special golden version of the normal Chain Chomp.Yes, Mario must touch while using a Rainbow Star.
GoombaA brown mushroom with feet that will attempt to injure Mario by running into him.Yes, jump on them, do a spin attack, or shoot a Star Bit at it. | Yes, spin to stun it
GoombeetleGoombas that are impervious to jump attacks from above since they have helmets on their heads.Yes, do a spin attack to knock it over and then jump on them.
GringillLong eels that try to jump out from their holes and bite Mario with their fangs.Yes, throw a Koopa Shell at them.
Ice BatBlue bats that can freeze Mario.Yes, grab a Fire Flower and throw a fireball at them.
Jack O'GoombaGoombas that wear pumpkins on their heads and breath blue fire.Yes, ground-pound to destroy them.
JammyfishSmaller jellyfish that hurt Mario if he touches them.Yes, spin or throw a Koopa Shell at them.
JellyfishLarge jellyfish that shock Mario if he touches them.Yes, hit it twice with a Koopa Shell.
Jump BeamerA mechanical enemy that also acts as a springboard.No, Mario can stun it with a Star Bit, however.
Jump GuarderAnother mechanical enemy that has a sping inside. When Mario approaches, it releases Topminis.No, but Mario can stun them by jumping on them or hit them with a Star Bit.
Koopa TroopaA turtle-like creature with a green shell. In Super Mario Galaxy, they walk on all fours.Yes, spin or jump on the turtle to make it receed into its shell. Then pick the shell up and throw it.
Lava Bubble (blue)Sentient fireballs that chase after Mario if he gets close.Yes, shoot a Star Bit at it.
Li'l BrrIcy creatures that attempt to touch Mario and freeze him.Yes, spin or shoot a Star Bit to put out the ice cloud and then kick it while it's stunned.
Li'l CinderFiery creatures that come out of lava and try to catch Mario on fire.Yes, spin or shoot a Star Bit to put out the heat cloud then kick it while it's stunned.
MagikoopaA sorcerer who casts spells.Yes, do a spin attack or jump on them.
MandibugLarge beetles with big pincers.Yes, do a ground-pound on their back.
Micro Mecha-BowserMechanical creatures that vaguely resemble Bowser and shoot flames.Yes, ground-pound to defeat them.
Mini GoombaTiny Goombas that act very much like their larger variants.Yes, jump on them.
Mini WanwanThese are basically like baby Chain Chomps that roll around.Yes, but only if Mario is using a Rainbow Star.
MontyMoles that pop up out of portholes and throw wrenches at Mario.Yes. It will hide in its hole if Mario gets too close. From a safe distance shoot a Star Bit at it or do a ground-pound nearby to knock it over.
OctoguySmall red creatures that shoot rocks.Yes, jump on their heads.
OctoombaA blue and yellow creature that headbutts Mario if he gets close.Yes, jump on them.
OctopusGreen enemies with white spots that fire projectiles.Yes, spin the coconuts they shoot at Mario and then throw them back.
PetapetaMoneybags with sandled feet.Yes, they will turn invisible while Mario moves, so stand still and then perform a spin based on where you saw it. While it's stunned, jump on it to get Star Bits.
Piranha PlantA plant with teeth that breathes fire.Yes, shoot Star Bits at it to stun and then jump on its head.
PokeyA cactus creature with a pink flower on its head.Yes, throw a coconut at its lower segments and then jump on its head.
Pokey HeadThornless cactus heads.Yes, spin or jump on them.
Ring BeamerSpikey mechanism that emits a shockwave when Mario draws near.No, dodge their shockwaves and continue on.
Sentry BeamMechanical enemies that open their mouths to fire lasers.No, but if you stand on top of them, they won't be able to open.
Skeletal Fish GuardAn undead fish with glowing red eyes that homes in on Mario.Yes, but only in areas where you can lead it to the surface.
SlurpleA blue blob that bounces around and drains Mario of health by latching onto him.Yes, spin or fire a Star Bit.
Spiky TopmanA bright red top with a spike on its head.Yes, spin at it and knock it off ledges or into lasers.
Spiny Cheep CheepA spikey purple fish.Unknown
Spiny Piranha PlantA purple-headed Piranha Plant covered in thorns.Yes, strike a green bulb at it to destroy it.
SpoingSpringy creatures that jump high into the air and try to land on Mario.Yes, jump on them or spin into them.
SpranglerPurple spiders that dangle down from above.Yes, jump on thim or spin at them twice.
Spring TopmanGreen tops with springs inside.Yes, bump it off a ledge or into an electrical fence.
ThwompStone creatures that rise up into the air and then come down hard.No, wait for the right moment and then dodge around it.
TopminiTiny yellow tops that can't hurt Mario, but will try to push him into danger.Yes, do a spin.
Torpedo TedA homing torpedo with a silver body.Yes, make it crash into a wall or touch it while using a Rainbow Star.
Tox BoxA rotating box with one open side that will kill mario if it crushes him.No, get in position so that it safely passes over you and keep going.
TweesterA tornado-creature with eyes.No, you can use it to get to a higher location, but touching it will hurt you.
UrchinMoles with spikey helmets.Yes, ground-pound near them to get them to topple from their holes then jump on them.
Urchin (land)A sea urchin that rolls around on dry land.Yes, throw fireballs at them or lure them into lava.
WigglerCatepillars made up of a strong of spheres.Yes, ground-pound when nearby to flip it over and then jump on it.

All enemies in Super Mario Galaxy

That's all the enemies you'll find in Super Mario Galaxy along with how to defeat them. Hopefully, this helps you as you make your way through the various galaxies and collect Stars.

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