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You're going to encounter 23 bosses as you make your way through the Super Mario Galaxy portion of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Some of these enemies are easier than others, but they all can be defeated if you know just what to do. Here's how to beat every boss in Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy Bosses

Good Egg Galaxy

Dino Piranha

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How to beat the boss

You'll notice that the walking egg has a green tail with a brown bulb on the end. Walk around behind the egg and hit the bulb on the end of its tail. This will cause a rubberband reaction and make the bulb come back and break the eggshell off, revealing the Dino Piranha underneath.

The creature will walk around much faster now that it's free from its shell. Get behind it and hit the brown bulb on the tail two more times in the same fashion as before. It will topple over, and then you can collect a Star.

Good Egg Galaxy

King Kaliente (Round 1)

Super Mario Galaxy King KalienteSource: iMore

This fiery squid will shoot projectiles at Mario. Dodge around any rocks, but when he shoots a watermelon, hit it back at him. This might result in a tennis-style back and forth volley. Continue to hit it back at King Kaliente until the melon strikes him.

After getting hit twice, King Kaliente will lose his crown and will launch blue Lava Bubble enemies around the arena. These fiery creatures will hop around and chase after Mario. Dodge them and continue hitting watermelons back at your primary foe. Once King Kaliente gets hit for the third time, he'll fall over, and a Star will appear.

Honeyhive Galaxy

Mandibug Stack

Super Mario Galaxy Mandibug StackSource: iMore

Jump high over this stack of purple bugs and then ground-pound on the top one. It will disappear, leaving the larger one enraged. It will move around quickly, snapping its pincers. Jump over its head and ground-pound to defeat it.

Honeyhive Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy BugaboomSource: iMore

Simply put, you need to ground-pound this bug's back three times. After getting struck the first time, it will jump into the air and fly around. If you are transformed into Bee Mario, this part of the fight will be much easier. If you get hurt and lose your Bee powers, you can find another Bee Mushroom floating behind the tree.

As Bee Mario, wait for the Bugaboom to come by, then swirl up the flowers stems and then fly into the air. Once your shadow shows up over the Bugaboom's back ground-pound to hit it.

The insect will turn red and will start shooting bombs out from its abdomen. Dodge these explosions and once more swirl yourself up a flower and then ground-pound on its back to defeat it.

Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor


Super Mario Galaxy MegalegSource: iMore

To destroy Bowser Jr.'s robot, you'll need to platform your way to the top of its head and ground-pound the cage around the Star. In response, the robot will put up a new cage and release several Bullet Bills that will home in on Mario's position.

Lure a Bullet Bill in front of the cage and then dodge away at the last moment. This will leave an opening. Run to the Star and ground-pound the dome that encases it. Doing so will cause the Megaleg to break into pieces.

Space Junk Galaxy

Kamella (Round 1)

Super Mario Galaxy KamellaSource: iMore

Kamella will float off to the side of the boat and cast projectiles at you. Dodge the fireballs, but when she shoots a green shell, get close enough to spin, and Mario will pick it up. Now face the witch and launch the green shell at her. Repeat this process three times to defeat her. She'll release more fireballs after each time she gets hit.

Space Junk Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy TarantoxSource: iMore

To start the battle, jump onto the germy-looking white blob on the bottom left of the web and then rubber-band yourself into the massive white ball in the center. This will free the large arachnid in the center.

The spider will rotate and spew green acid from its mouth. Run away from this spray and jump onto one of these sticky balls on the outer ring of the web. Now launch yourself at one of the green orbs on Tarantox's back. This will make the spider cover its eyes and temporarily stop. Now quickly get behind it and shoot Mario at the large green orb on its derriere.

This will cause the spider to flip over, revealing three red orbs on its underbelly. Launch Mario at each of these orbs. Once they've all been hit, the Tarantox will once more flip over.

Once more, work your way so that you can strike it on its backside. When it flips, hit those three red orbs again. You'll defeat the boss and get a Star.

Battlerock Galaxy

Topmaniac (Round 1)

Super Mario Galaxy TopmaniacSource: iMore

You'll notice the red button that makes up the top of Hitting it will retract the yellow spikes that come out on all sides. Then all Mario has to do is do a spin attack enough times that Topmaniac hits the laser barrier three times.

At first, Topmaniac will only be accompanied by three small yellow tops. Simply hit them with a spin attack to make them go away. However, after getting hurt the first time, Topmaniac will summon larger red tops to his aid.

These guys are a little heftier and have spikes on their heads. So, you'll also need to spin them into the laser barrier if you want to get rid of them.

Bowser's Star Reactor

Bowser (Round 1)

Super Mario Galaxy BowserSource: iMore

Mario and Bowser will blast off to a small glass planet with lava inside it. The Koopa King will now launch into the air and attempt to smash Mario. Every time he lands, shockwaves will ripple away from him. Dodge these shockwaves and make your way to one of the blue glass domes.

When Bowser is about to come down, move out of the way. Bowser will break through the glass and get injured by the lava underneath and start running. Run the opposite direction and when you get close enough, perform a spin attack on his burning tail. This will knock him down.

The Koopa King will now reposition himself and shoot fireballs. Do as you did before and lure him to a blue glass dome. This time, when you hit him with the spin attack, he will land on his back and continue spinning. Catch up to him and spin attack again to hurt him. Repeat this process one more time to defeat him.

Ghost Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy BouldergeistSource: iMore

Bouldergeist will form and begin throwing boulders your way. The black rocks he throws will actually turn out to be Boos. Get near enough to one of them and perform a spin attack. This will make it, so Mario is swinging the Boo around by its tongue. Now get close and smash the Bouldergeist with the swirling Boo. Do this enough times that all of the rock body is removed from your foe.

A ghostly creature with a large red tongue will come forth. Grab hold of a Boo as before and swing it into the large ghost's tongue to hurt it.

Bouldergeist will reform and pull out two large hands. As before, dodge around the boulders that it tosses your way and then grab a Boo by the tongue and strike Bouldergeist until all of the stones come off.

The large-tongued ghost will appear again. Grab hold of a Boo and slam it into the ghost's tongue to defeat it.

Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada

Bowser Jr.

Super Mario Galaxy Bowser JrSource: iMore

The Koopa Prince will shoot cannonballs and Bullet Bills at you from the safety of his airship. You'll notice several Koopas walking around on your own ship. Jump on one to make it recede into its shell, then jump on it again or do a spin attack to pick it up. Dodge around the oncoming projectiles and then throw the shell at Bowser Jr.'s airship.

After you've struck the airship three times, Bowser Jr. will reposition it, so the front is facing towards you. Magikoopas will appear on the ship and cast spells at you. Additionally, the Bowser figurehead will shoot fiery cannonballs your way. Dodge around these and continue to throw shells at the ship. After getting hit two more times, Bowser Jr. will be defeated.

Gusty Garden Galaxy

Major Burrows

Super Mario Galaxy Major BurrowsSource: iMore

You'll notice that a gopher-like creature with a spikey helmet is chasing after a Star Bunny. Get close to Major Burrows and do a ground-pound on the dirt to pull him onto the surface. When he pops out of the ground, perform a spin attack to begin the battle properly.

He'll grow angry and will dive back underground. He'll start chasing after you like he did the Star Bunny. Ground-pound when he gets close, and it will bring him to the surface. Now chase after him and hit him with a spin attack.

His shell will change from red to blue, and he'll chase after you faster than before. Once more, wait for him to get close, ground-pound, and then hit him with a spin attack to get your Star.

Freezeflame Galaxy

Baron Burr

Super Mario Galaxy Baron BurrSource: iMore

Head to the left of the platform that Baron Burr is floating over and head into the cave opening with the two crystals. Spin to destroy these obstacles, and then you'll see an Ice Flower further in. Smash the crystal to acquire it. Now skate around the water to the front of the structure and wall jump up to where Baron Burr resides.

Run near his shadow and then quickly back away. He'll come crashing down in an attempt to smash you. Jump over the shockwave his landing creates and then wallop him with a spin attack while he's down.

He'll float back into the air. Once more, jump over to him while he's on the ground and hit him. This time when he gets back up, he'll be accompanied by two smaller ice creatures. Dodge around them and repeat the same steps from before to defeat this icy king.

Bowser's Dark Matter Plant

Bowser (Round 2)

Super Mario Galaxy BowserSource: iMore

You'll find yourself on a small planet that's only slightly different from the one you previously fought Bowser on. The Koopa King will cause shockwaves to ripple over the planet each time he jumps. Dodge around these and get Mario to stand on one of the blue domes. When Bowser tries to stomp on you, move out of the way.

Bowser will get injured by the lava and will begin running around. Head in the opposite direction and then hit him when his tail is exposed. This will send him spinning around on his back. You can spin attack to hurt him.

He'll now reposition himself and blast several fireballs around the planet. Dodge the flames and the shockwaves before heading to the blue glass. Once more, get Bowser to land on it and then get in a position where you can hit his tail. He'll once again get sent spinning around on his back. Hit him around whenever he comes back your way. Repeat this until your hit finally lands.

Gold Leaf Galaxy

Undergrunt Gunner (Round 1)

Super Mario Galaxy Undergrunt GunnerSource: iMore

The first thing you need to do is fly to the other side of the arena. Note that a rain cloud is circling the area, so be careful not to get touched by it, or you will lose your Bee abilities. You'll see a large red button. Ground-pound it to raise platforms that create a path to your enemy temporarily.

He'll shoot water balls at you, so dodge them on your way up to the top platforms. Ground-pound the top of the Undergrunt Gunner three times to defeat him. If the platform timer runs out before you're able to defeat this foe, once more ground-pound the button and then make your way back to this tanked mole to finish him off.

Toy Time Galaxy

Undergrunt Gunner (Round 2)

Super Mario Galaxy Undergrunt GunnerSource: iMore

This guy is basically the same as the previous gunner except that he shoots balls of electricity instead of water. Get to the opposite side of the arena from where you enter, and you'll find a Spring Mushroom. Use it to bounce on top of the Undergrunt Gunner's head and then ground-pound three times to defeat him.

Bonefin Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy KingfinSource: iMore

You'll notice a green Koopa shell on the sphere below you. Swim down to it and give it a spin. It will propel you through the water at a faster rate than Mario can swim. Get somewhat close to Kingfin and then throw the shell at him. You can tell where you're pointing because a beam of light shoots out from the front of the shell.

Noticeable cracks will appear on his bones, and he'll release red-eyed homing fish. Another shell will have appeared in the same place as before. Go pick it up and use it to dodge the smaller fish. If your air supply is getting low, use this opportunity to swim through a bubble to replenish it.

Hit Kingfin five times total with the green shell to defeat him and get the Star. Remember to keep moving, so those pesky little fish don't hurt you.

Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor

King Kaliente (Round 2)

Super Mario Galaxy King KalienteSource: iMore

This battle ought to give you some serious deja vu as its very similar to your previous fight with a red King Kaliente. Only this time, the platforms on the battlefield sink if you stay on them for too long. Jump around to prevent the grates from altogether getting submerged in the lava.

Dodge the rocks that this giant fire squid sends your way. But when he shoots a watermelon, lobby it back at him. He will likely hit it back at you, so time your hits correctly to send it back until it finally lands its mark on his face.

Several blue Lava Bubbles will bounce around the arena and chase after Mario. Additionally, fiery meteors will rain from the sky. Dodge around these and continue to play watermelon volleyball until you manage to hit King Kaliente a total of three times and defeat him.

Deep Dark Galaxy

Kamella (Round 2)

Super Mario Galaxy KamellaSource: iMore

Kamella will begin by casting spells at you. Dodge around her fiery attacks, but when she sends a green shell your way, spin to pick it up and then launch it back at her.

After you've hit her twice, she will move to the crow's nest above the boat. Head to the left, climb up the long yellow pole, and then jump onto the crow's nest. She will have to small Magikoopas with her. Dodge their spells and then do a spin attack to get rid of them.

Now it's time to focus back on Kamella. Just like before, continue to dodge her flame attacks, but when she sends a green shell your way, spin to pick it up and then throw it back at her. She might move to the center of the arena to summon more Magikoopas. Take them out before focusing back on her. She must be hit with the shell four times to be defeated.

Deep Dark Galaxy

Undergrunt Gunner (Round 3)

Super Mario Galaxy Undergrunt GunnerSource: iMore

Notice that there are watermelons scattered on the sand surrounding the Undergrunt Gunner. To defeat him, all you need to do is run up to a watermelon so that this enemy is directly in front of you and then do a spin attack to launch the watermelon at him.

As he takes more damage, he will shoot more water balls at you. Dodge around these attacks and continue to hit him with melons. He'll be defeated after getting his three times.

Dreadnought Galaxy

Topmaniac (Round 2)

Super Mario Galaxy TopmaniacSource: iMore

This battle plays you similarly to how it did the last time you faced Topmaniac. Except for this time, when he lands, he'll automatically throw out to red tops. Begin by knocking these small tops into the red lasers circling the arena. Once they're out of the picture, focus on the Topmaniac.

You'll need to stay away from those sharp razors. Do this by jumping over his head, ground-pounding that large red button, and then hitting him into the red lasers. Get him to hit the lasers a total of three times, and you'll have your victory.

Melty Molten Galaxy

Fiery Dino Piranha

Super Mario Galaxy Fiery Dino PiranhaSource: iMore

This is basically a repeat of the first boss fight you ever encountered in Super Mario Galaxy — only this time, the foe is on fire. To begin, go behind the egg and head for the bulb at the end of the tail. It will flare on and off, so only strike it when it isn't aflame. It will stretch into the air before landing a hit on the Fiery Dino Piranha.

With the shell removed, this creature will stomp around a lot faster. Dodge out of his way and then hit his tail two more times to defeat him.

Bowser's Galaxy Reactor

Bowser (Final Boss)

Super Mario Galaxy BowserSource: iMore

The final boss fight has three different phases. Here's how to defeat Bowser in each one:

Phase 1

Bowser will once again create shockwaves when he jumps around. Dodge these to avoid taking damage. He'll then roll around in a large boulder. When he gets close, and his head is popping out near you, do a spin attack to knock him on his shell.

While he's spin around the small planet on his back, give him a good wallop. This will send him spinning another direction. Hit him again when he comes by. Repeat this process three times, and then he will move on to the next phase on another planet.

Phase 2

Whack one of these green bulb plants towards Bowser to send the Koopa King spinning around on his back. Meet him as he's coming back around and hit him. Repeat this one more time, and then you'll get launched into phase three.

Phase 3

Bowser recedes into his shell and starts rolling around the glass planet. Avoid his path and jump over any shockwaves he sends your way. When he jumps really high into the air, run over to one of the blue glass domes. When he lands, he'll break through and get hurt in the lava below.

He'll start running away. Head in the opposite direction and head him off. When he turns around to run away from you, do a spin attack on his burning tail. Repeat this process once more to defeat him for good.

How to beat all bosses in Super Mario Galaxy

There's a lot of repetition when it comes to facing bosses in Super Mario Galaxy. As long as you pick up on Mario's basic moves, you'll be able to crush these baddies in no time.

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