Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to unlock all Red, Green, and Blue Blocks in Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Red Block
Super Mario 64 Red Block (Image credit: iMore)

Unless you figure out how to unlock the three different kinds of power-up Blocks in Super Mario 64, you're going to hit... a block and won't be able to progress any further. To unlock these Red, Blue, and Green Blocks, players must find hidden buttons scattered throughout the castle in secret levels. Having a hard time finding them? We're here to help. Here's how to unlock all Blocks in Super Mario 64.

Wing Cap

Where to find the Red Button and unlock the Red ! Block

Super Mario 64 Red Button

Super Mario 64 Red Button (Image credit: iMore)
  • Red ! Block: When hit, it releases a Wing Cap, allowing Mario to soar around for a limited time.

If you collect 10 Stars or more, a beam of light will fall down on the sun rug at the castle's entrance. While standing on the rug, tilt the camera to look into the light, and you'll be whisked away to a secret level.

In the center of this new area, there's a castle turret with a large button on it. If you jump on this button, it will make it so that Mario can now hit Red ! Blocks in various levels and gain a Wing Cap.

Incidentally, if you do a triple jump while wearing a Wing Cap, you'll start flying around. The Wing Cap usually wears off after a while, so you'll need to be careful when using it.

While in this secret area tower area, you can also collect a Castle Secret Star if you take the time to collect all of the Red Coins.

Metal Cap

Where to find the Green Button and unlock the Green ! Block

Super Mario 64 Green Button

Super Mario 64 Green Button (Image credit: iMore)
  • Green ! Block: When hit, it releases a Metal Cap, which turns Mario into metal for a short time. While in this state, he is mostly invincible and doesn't lose breath while underwater.

How to get to Hazy Maze Cave:

The Green Button is hidden in the Hazy Maze Cave course. To get to that level from the castle's front door, enter the door just to the left of the stairs and then go down into the basement on your right. You'll need to have defeated Bowser in the Dark World and gotten the basement key to go down here.

From here, go through the door on the right. When you see the flame painting, go right and enter the door with a Star on it. Jump into the inky pool in the next room to enter Hazy Maze Cave.

Once you're at Hazy Maze Cave:

To get to the button from the start of the Hazy Maze Cave, head to the left and then enter the door. There's an area around the room to the left where stones are rolling down a hill. Make your way over there and then enter the door.

Now go down the elevator and make your way into the water. Swim to Nessie's back and ground-pound to make her lower her head. Jump on her head and then direct her to the door that has a red platform next to it. Upon entering through this door, jump into the inky pool to start the secret course.

You'll automatically get turn into Metal Mario. Run through the cavern and get to the waterfall at the end. There you'll find the Green Button. Jump on it to make Green ! Blocks accessible throughout the castle.

By the way, if you collect all of the Red Coins in this cavern, you'll gain a Castle Secret Star.

Vanish Cap

Where to find the Blue Button and unlock the Blue ! Block

Super Mario 64 Blue Button

Super Mario 64 Blue Button (Image credit: iMore)
  • Blue ! Block: When hit, it releases a Vanish Cap. This temporarily allows Mario to walk through walls.

How to get to the secret level:

Before you can reach this area, you must have gone through the double doors with a giant Star on it located at the castle's main entryway and defeated Bowser. Beating him gives you the key necessary to get into the basement.

From the castle's main entryway, head through the door just left of the stairs. Now go down into the basement on the right. There's a door just to the left with a blue shield Instead in front of it. Jump up onto the ramp and then dive to land on the ledge above; otherwise, you'll slide down. Now head into the door.

Theres a small cave filled with water in here. Swim down and into the other side. Now ground-pound both of the platforms sticking out of the water to drain the room. A door will get uncovered at the bottom. Jump down and Now exit the newly uncovered door. You'll come out in the drained castle moat. There's a hole on the left side of the castle. Jump inside, and you'll find yourself in the secret level.

Once you're inside the level:

Now that you're inside the secret level, slide down the ramp and make it to the Blue Button at the end. Jump on the button to unlock Blue ! Blocks throughout the castle's levels.

Incidentally, collecting all of the Red Coins along this course and then using the Vanish Cap to walk through the cage at the end will get you another Castle Secret Star.

How to unlock all Blocks in Super Mario 64

That's how you go about unlocking each of the special power-up Blocks in Super Mario 64. Once they're accessible, you should find it a lot easier to collect Stars as you make your way through the castle.

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