Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to unlock Mario's Shine shirt and sunglasses

Shine Sprite Super Mario Sunshine
Shine Sprite Super Mario Sunshine (Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario's iconic red shirt, red hat, and blue overalls have followed him from game to game. Only recently in Super Mario Odyssey did he properly get the chance to change his clothes with various options. But well before Odyssey, Mario has always had one cosmetic option available to him in Super Mario Sunshine.

Yes, Mario can wear sunglasses and a special vacation-themed shirt in Sunshine, though if you don't know the outfit is in the game, you might never stumble upon it in the course of regular play. Even if you never found it in the Gamecube edition, Super Mario 3D All-Stars gives you another chance at dressing Mario up in his coolest vacation clothes. Here's how:

How do I unlock Mario's sunglasses in Super Mario Sunshine?

Super Mario Sunshine Hero

Super Mario Sunshine Hero (Image credit: Nintendo)

Though Super Mario Sunshine isn't exactly a game bursting with cosmetic options, you can unlock two appearance-altering items for Mario through regular gameplay. The first and easiest to get is a pair of sunglasses for Mario to wear that darken the screen somewhat.

You can't obtain the sunglasses until you have a total of 30 Shine Sprites, which you can get by clearing levels, solving puzzles in Delfino Plaza, or turning in 10 Blue Coins to the vendor in Defino Plaza near the Ricco Harbor entrance. Once you've collected 30 Shine Sprites through any means, you can visit a certain Pianta NPC that appears in each level, and he will give you the sunglasses for free, which he'll retain until you turn the game off and reload.

The NPC appears under an umbrella on the beach of Defino Plaza near the fruit stands, and he will also appear in a different location in each world. He has two locations in Pinna Park, one on the beach and one within the park itself.

How do I unlock Mario's Shine shirt in Super Mario Sunshine?

Alongside the sunglasses, Mario can also receive a light blue shirt patterned with Shine Sprites to wear over his regular outfit. It's a little harder to get than the sunglasses, as you have to get further in the game first. You'll need to have entered Corona Mountain at least once for the shirt to become available.

Once you have entered Corona Mountain, you can visit the same sunglasses vendor for him to give you both the shirt and the sunglasses. You can only get both once you've unlocked both, not just one or the other.

Do these items give me any special buffs?

Unfortunately, they don't. They're purely cosmetic. The sunglasses do make the screen slightly dimmer -- and notably cannot be obtained in the nighttime levels of Pinna Park.

Help! I don't want to wear the shirt and sunglasses anymore.

If you picked up the shirt and sunglasses but aren't a fan, don't worry. They aren't permanent. They'll disappear whenever you exit the game and reload your file, and if that's more work than you want to do, you can talk to any of the Piantas who give them to you, and they'll take them off.

You can put them on and take them off as many times as you want by visiting any of the Piantas, and there's no cost or penalty to doing so.

Got more Sunshine questions?

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