Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to unlock the Rocket Nozzle,Turbo Nozzle, and Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Sunshine (Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is bringing Super Mario Sunshine to a brand new audience on Nintendo Switch, but because the game is more than a few years old, some of its quirks might not be immediately understandable. Take those weird, transparent boxes in Delfino Plaza behind the Grand Pianta Statue. What are those about?

Those boxes, it turns out, are alternate nozzles for FLUDD, your water-spraying backpack companion. Specifically, they're the Turbo Nozzle and the Rocket Nozzle, which can temporarily replace the Hover Nozzle to give Mario different abilities. You'll need to unlock them both, as well as Yoshi, in order to finish the game, so here's everything you need to know about obtaining all three of those things in Super Mario Sunshine:

How to unlock Yoshi

Mecha Bowser Super Mario Sunshine

Mecha Bowser Super Mario Sunshine (Image credit: NintendoMovies @ Youtube)

In order to get any of the Nozzles, you need Yoshi first. After you finish Episode 4 of Pinna Park, Shadow Mario will appear in Delfino Plaza with a Yoshi Egg in tow. Chase him and spray him down to get him to hand it over, and the Yoshi Egg will drop. From then on, it will appear on the west-most bell tower every time you visit the level.

To use Yoshi, you first need to feed him. The Egg will have a thought bubble above it indicating what kind of fruit it wants. Most fruits can be found down in the fruit market by the beach, and can be picked up and brought to Yoshi. He'll hatch, and you can ride him around. Yoshi can hover jump, as well as spray juice that can harm enemies or have other effects on certain kinds of platforms. If he dies by falling into water or a pit, you can find his Egg back in its original location.

How to unlock the Turbo Nozzle

The Turbo Nozzle replaces your Hover Nozzle, and shoots a powerful jet of water behind you that allows you to close distances quickly. It uses a large amount of water, but if you use it while in a body of water you can effectively skate across the ocean since it will keep refilling. This Nozzle is incredibly fun, but isn't as practical for finishing levels as the Rocket Nozzle.

The Turbo Nozzle will become available in Delfino Plaza once you've collected 25 total Shine Sprites and collected Yoshi. When this happens, the next time you visit the Plaza you'll see Shadow Mario with the Nozzle. Successfully chase him down while spraying him to get him to give it up, and the Turbo Nozzle will become permanently available to you next to the fountain behind the Grand Pianta Statue in the Plaza for the remainder of the game.

How to unlock the Rocket Nozzle

After unlocking both Yoshi and the Turbo Nozzle, you'll need to get a total of 30 Shine Sprites to unlock the Rocket Nozzle in Delfino Plaza. Similar to before, once you've met these conditions, Shadow Mario will appear with the Nozzle in the Plaza. Chase and spray him until he drops it, and then it will permanently be available in the box behind the Grand Pianta Statue.

The Rocket Nozzle is far more necessary than the Turbo Nozzle, as it shoots Mario up to incredible heights. It's necessary to reach Pianta Village atop the Shine Gate, which you'll need to access to complete the game. Beware that it uses a lot of water, though, and you have to charge it up before it will launch you upward.

Help, I want the Hover Nozzle back!

Hovering Super Mario Sunshine

Hovering Super Mario Sunshine (Image credit: NintendoMovies @ Youtube)

Got a Rocket or Turbo Nozzle on and want the Hover Nozzle back? Many levels, including Delfino Plaza, will have a Hover Nozzle box near the other nozzles so you can switch back whenever you want. However, if you're really in a pinch, exiting whatever level you're in and entering another will automatically give you the Hover Nozzle back.

In Delfino, this should never be necessary since the Hover Nozzle is located next to the Turbo and Rocket Nozzles by the fountain.

How to get Nozzles and Yoshi outside of Delfino Plaza

All of the above advice is specific to unlocking the Nozzles and Yoshi in Delfino Plaza. However, there are several episodes that require use of other Nozzles or Yoshi to complete. So how do you get these items there?

Good news: if a level has a Shine that can only be obtained using one of these things, whatever you need will be in the level somewhere automatically, regardless of whether or not you've unlocked it in Delfino Plaza or not. You may first notice this in Biano Hills 6: Secret of the Dirty Lake, which has a Turbo Nozzle box you might run across before you unlock the Turbo Nozzle in the Plaza.

So if you think you need a nozzle or a Yoshi to finish the episode and can't find it anywhere, there might be another way to complete the episode — these boxes and Yoshi eggs will always be waiting in relatively plain sight for you.

Need Nozzle help?

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