Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: All Hidden Luigi locations

Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis: World 3

Super Mario 3d World Luigi World

Super Mario 3d World Luigi World (Image credit: Zephiel810 @ Youtube)

World 3-2: Chain Link Charge

Break the sign near the Checkpoint to find an 8-bit Luigi behind it.

World 3-3: Shifty Ghost Mansion

To catch this 8-bit Luigi, you must collect all six clocks in the level.

  • In the first area next to the Boo painting (use the Cat Suit)
  • You'll find three in the second area just above the bookcase (Use the Cat Suit)
  • One following next to the large mirror
  • One Green Clock left of the final indoor area

Wait at the end of the level, just before the Goal. If done correctly, at around 12 seconds, several 8-bit Luigi's will rise from the graves in the background.

World 3-5: Pipeline Lagoon

There are a few 8-Bit Luigi's in this level. The first appears in the clear pipe just before the Checkpoint. If you're fast enough, that is. You will also find an 8-bit Luigi floating in the water at the beginning of the level. Finally, you will spot an 8-bit Luigi in a Cheep Cheep's mouth while swimming underwater.

World 3-6: Mount Must Dash

Reach the end of the stage within 325 seconds. An 8-bit Luigi will pass by the finish line. Don't blink!

World 3-7: Switchboard Falls

Use the binoculars and aim them towards the waterfalls to catch a glimpse of an 8-bit Luigi.

World 3-Boss: The Bullet Bill Express

You can spot an 8-bit Luigi twice on this level. The first time is during the intro to the level; an 8-bit Luigi can be seen outrunning the train in the background. At the end, you can catch that same 8-bit Luigi on the parallel track, outpacing the train.

World Map

There is an 8-Bit Luigi out on the ocean in the background from the platform with a 1-Up Mushroom.

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