Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: All Hidden Luigi locations

Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis: World 6

Super Mario 3d World Luigi World

Super Mario 3d World Luigi World (Image credit: Zephiel810 @ Youtube)

World 6-1: Clear Pipe Cruise

There's an 8-bit Luigi on the clear pipe that leads to this level's Stamp.

World 6-2: Spooky Seasick Wreck

Near the beginning of the level, you can see an 8-bit Luigi inside one of the ships.

World 6-3: Hands-On Hall

There are two 8-bit Luigis on this level. You'll find one at a gong. Strike it repeatedly, and you'll cause an 8-bit Luigi to pop out. The second 8-bit Luigi is at the end of the level, just next to the Goal. Walk to the edge and tilt your camera so that you can see the window. You'll find your pixel pal looking out.

World 6-4: Deep Jungle Drift

At the Goal, if you walk north and tilt your camera, you can see an 8-bit Luigi hiding behind a tree, obscured by fog.

World 6-5: Ty-Foo Flurries

At the binoculars, tilt the camera to the right. Behind the fence, you'll find a tiny Luigi.

World 6-6: Bullet Bill Base

When you get to the binoculars, don't use them. Instead, tilt the camera to find an 8-bit Luigi along the fence.

World 6-7: Fuzzy Time Mine

Burn the bush near the goal to find the 8-bit Luigi.

World Map

You can spot the same Luigi from World 5 by tilting the camera near the bridge that divides both worlds.

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