T-Mobile makes it easier to travel with your connected devices...in the U.S. and Canada

T-Mobile US has announced eSIM, a way to eliminate roaming charges across the U.S. and Canada for devices other than phones and tablets that connect to a cellular network to pull data from the internet. These machine-to-machine connections, also known as M2M or the Internet of Things, are becoming increasingly more commonplace, and T-Mobile expects them to include devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches in the near future. Device makers will be able to build eSIM into their products, to allow devices to pull data from your phone without the risk of roaming charges when outside T-Mobile's coverage areas, according to T-Mobile:

T-Mobile is making it easy for innovative companies to embrace the M2M revolution. T-Mobile M2M enables always-on connectivity for products and services through T-Mobile's nationwide network and international partners. Companies can build eSIM into an assortment of connected product categories including connected car and navigation, mobile health and wearables, among others. Think of a cloud-connected smart watch or fitness band that's no longer restrained by borders.

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Source: T-Mobile US

Joseph Keller

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