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U.S. iPhone sales top Android for the first time in two years

The latest report from research firm Kantar World Panel claims that sales of iPhones jumped ahead of Android devices in the US for the final quarter of 2014. Apple claimed 47.7% of the smartphone market, barely beating Android's 47.6% share. It's the first time that iOS has been ahead of Android in the US since the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Iterate 70: Google I/O 2014 roundtable

Iterate brings together the best designers and app producers in the business to talk user interface, human interaction, icon design, and user experience from concept to implementation. On this episode Russell Ivanovic from Pocket Casts joins Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk Google I/O 2014, the new Materials designer language, the paper and ink motif, scaling from watches to TVs, and everything in between!

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Students get iOS apps running on an Android device

A group of Columbia University students have demonstrated a proof-of-concept implementation of iOS apps running on an Android device. The compatibility layer, dubbed "Cider" (get it? Apple? Cider?) isn't an emulator or virtual machine as you might expect — no, it's a compatibility layer designed to allow natively-coded Objective C apps to run on Android. In this case, they're demoing it on a last-generation Nexus 7.

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Dropbox's new app Carousel aims to organize all of your photos

Dropbox today announced a brand new app for handling photos called Carousel. In it, you’ll be able to instantly back up pictures as you take them to the cloud, share photos with friends, view images by date and location, and leave comments on photos shared by friends.

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How to keep using your iCloud calendar and reminders on an Android device

If you're curious about trying an Android device then you might be interested to know that you need not abandon your iCloud calendar or reminders for Google based alternatives. With so many great devices on the market these days running Android it's perfectly reasonable to expect someone to have a mix of both platforms in their lives. Keeping your iCloud calendar running on Android is a piece of cake, and I've written about it over on Android Central.

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iTunes Store for Android reportedly considered by Apple

It's possibly the last thing we'd expect to happen, but a new report suggests that Apple is looking at the possibility of launching the iTunes Store on Android. Yes, Android. It all stems from the folks at Billboard, who claim Apple is talking to the record labels about the plans and more.

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Eight Android phones to buy instead of the 8 GB iPhone 5c

Apple on Tuesday quietly introduced a new iPhone 5c model to select European and Asian markets today with a lower price tag but half the storage capacity; 8 GB, for - in the UK anyway, about £40 less than its 16 GB counterpart. Interested in what else you can get for the money? How about Android phones?

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Vector 33: State of the Android (spring 2014)

Phil Nickinson of Android Central joins Rene to talk Galaxy S5 malaise, HTC's new One, Nokia X, Android as a platform, and how he handles 300+ phones on his desk. Seriously. Also: How the Android approach differs from Apple's!

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Engagement, affluence, and value: The numbers Apple's using to show Android is #2

Apple believes their customers browse more, buy more, and are just plain worth more than Android's. And they're saying so now. A lot.

It's commonplace now for an Apple event keynote to include a slide or two pointing out Google's struggle to get tablet-optimized versions of Android apps, or to get any sort of usage momentum. That makes sense. Unlike the raw marketshare numbers that so often consume the popular media narrative these days, usage is hugely in Apple's favor.

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Shoppers still more likely to buy on iOS than Android, 5x as much over Christmas!

People in the U.S. were more likely to use an iPhone or iPad over an Android phone or tablet to shop online this holiday season . While the majority of online shopping took place on traditional computers, 48% of shopping traffic came from mobile devices, up 28.3% from last year. When it came to actual sales, more people chose iPhones and iPads, rather than Android devices, to make their purchases, according to a new report from IBM:

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